Color of the Month: Midnight Show

by Diana Olvera

With the holiday season behind us, it’s time to focus inward and start the brand new year off with a fresh outlook on life. January brings with it a sense of mystical wonder, much like a view of the winter sky on a clear, crisp night. Behr Color Midnight Show T17-17 evokes the intrigue of a starry winter night or a late-night showing of a much-anticipated movie, which is why we’ve chosen it as our Color of the Month.



Deck the walls of the den, office or man cave with Midnight Show to instill a sense of stability or tranquility in the room. This moody, deep blue tone pairs perfectly with brown leather furniture, whether modern or classic in design. Accent the space with touches of gold, light gray or wine to enhance the room’s rich, lush atmosphere.


Make a bold, glamorous statement with Midnight Show walls in a grand entryway, hallway or foyer. Balance the blue by incorporating white or gray trim and accents into the overall design of the area. Go for grandeur with a chandelier and wall art decked out in sparkling, glimmering gold tones.



Midnight Show also works well as an accent color on items such as throw pillows or a comfy throw blanket awaiting your next cocoa-and-cuddle-up session. Midnight Show is an ideal partner for light gray or beige tones as well, and looks luscious when paired with rustic wood furnishings and decor.


Midnight Show makes an excellent backdrop for a grouping of white or light furnishings. This dark hue highlights the furniture, making it stand out like a star on stage. Add even more depth and warmth to the space with accents of jeweled reds and greens, or even a touch of silver.



Dark blue furniture adds visual interest to a room decorated in mostly white, beige or otherwise light hues, too. A Midnight Show sofa with white piping looks stunningly elegant in such a space. Dress it up even more with a handful of textured or patterned throw pillows in shades of gray, blue or white.



Create a sense of calm — perfect for a good night’s sleep — with bedroom walls painted in Midnight Show. Add a touch of visual energy to the space with a dash of sunshine yellow, orange and white accents incorporated in the forms of area rugs, furniture and bedding.



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  1. Britt-Guri Kvalberg says:

    Hello! Is there a NCS code for the Colorado Midtnight show? Love from Britt-Guri

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