New Year, New Inspiration

A collage of images representing color of five paint swatches in gold, orange, brown, gray, and white.
With a new year comes new inspiration, and I am full of ideas for what I want to do around my home in 2018. Ideas can be sparked everywhere, from my travels to my own backyard.
My trip to Morocco made me want to transform my living room into a dream straight out of “Casablanca, but the brilliance found from peeking around even the most obscure street corners caused an inspiration overload. Rich colors, ornate filigree and multiple textures can give a room a Moroccan feel even in the smallest spaces, but the key to good design is to not go overboard. For those of you with too many ideas who are looking for some guidance, BEHR’s Color Clinic is back to answer your color questions.
BEHR’s Color Discovery tool helped me to combine my own style with inspiration from my trip to create a custom palette perfect for my living room. BEHR’s Solid Gold M280-6 gives my space a royal flair, while Amiable Orange M230-6 offsets the decadence and ties in the dreamy, desert feeling of Morocco. Go here to shop my custom palette and bring the beautiful of Morocco to your next project.
Getting your inspiration from Pinterest? BEHR’s Pins to Palettes is another great tool to bring together all of the inspiration you’ve been curating and turn it into your custom color palette within a matter of minutes.
Join us for our first Color Clinic live event January 25-26 for an opportunity to have your color questions answered from BEHR color experts, including me, and your favorite home DIY influencers. Together we’ll tackle inspiration overload and get you started on your next project.
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