Purple Zen

by Larayne Boaz

These purple hues give you a feeling of Zen. The purple color in these hues is slightly understated with a soft dusty appearance. They are gently calming and look pleasing in any room.

A slightly purple muted hue, Courtly Purple S100-3 is the perfect color for a small space to hideaway with a good book or relax while soaking in a warm tub. This color is perfectly balanced as it’s not too bright nor too shaded, allowing your mind to focus and escape.

Dusty Lilac N110-1 is perfect for welcoming guests or saying goodnight to them. This is a peaceful color that pairs well with whites, soft grays, and other purple hues. It creates a space to relax in while focusing on attention to detail and insight.

White Lavender M550-1 used on a door in an all-white room emphasizes simplicity. This slightly tinted purple hue gently pops against the white keeping the minimalist appearance. The mood is peaceful and relaxed allowing you to attain pure enlightenment while focusing on the tasks at hand.

For more ways to use purple hues, check out Behr’s Color Studio where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advice and more!

Colorfully yours,


4 responses to “Purple Zen”

  1. Shari says:

    Love the purple hues! It was my sister’s favorite color and I am drawn to it now. Thanks BEHR!!!!

    • Larayne Boaz says:

      It’s nice how color can trigger a special memory and draw us in. What a nice way to remember your sister.
      Colorfully yours,

  2. Traci Castano says:

    Wow these colors totally caught my eye!! Honestly purple is not my favorite color, and I would typically not consider using it in my home. However, my eye was completely drawn to this post, and the colors are so subtly gorgeous! I am definitely considering a color change for one of the rooms in my house and these hues are calling my name!

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