Sanctuary Shades

A simple and comfortable sitting room/reading area painted in a light, warm neutral color called Tranquil Gray.
wall color: Tranquil Gray

With a growing interest on wellness and self-care, personal spaces have become some of the most important rooms in the home.  The recently introduced BEHR® Designer Collection includes the perfect shades to help transform any room into a blissful, meditative sanctuary. Our favorite colors include warm whites, grays, and soothing neutrals with an emphasis to change mood and refresh your mind.

Whites serve as foundation colors, Harmonious White works harmoniously with other whites to invite good energy and to create a space for rest and relaxation.

Patterned pillow on the king size bed in white simple bedroom interior in elegant apartment.

Blank Canvas is a white that is not too warm or too cool, it delivers balance and softness to all spaces. 

A modern farmhouse style bathroom painted in a white color called Blank Canvas, there is a round white bathtub and all hardware is black.

Gratifying Gray is a light, soothing gray perfect for a home spa or any other space of mindful bathing rituals. 

A spa like bathroom space with a tube  to take a bath and relax, the walls are painted with Gratifying Gray. There are is white and gray hexagon tiles on the floor.

Create your own emotional escape corner to enjoy stillness and silence with a white-on-white color palette using Blank Canvas as a restful background color.

Still life details in the living room home interior. Woollen sweater, book and a cup of coffee on beige couch with knit macrame cushions. Cozy autumn or winter concept. Hygge style. The walls are painted with Blank Canvas.

Whether a solo sanctuary or a place to curl up with a loved one, the distinctive warmth of Even Better Beige transforms an outdoor space into a haven to decompress and reconnect with your thoughts.

A small outdoor space decorated with Boho outdoor elements, there is a bamboo swing that makes this space extra relaxing and cozy. One wall is painted with Even Better Beige.

These light neutrals not only have a natural and soothing quality, but they also have a timeless appeal and work well a wide variety of room types and decorating styles.

An easy to use palette of whites, light neutrals and grays.

To learn more about this palette of “sanctuary shades” and the rest of the BEHR® Designer Collection visit,

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