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How Premium Paint Can Save You Time, Labor & Money
Learn How Premium Paint Products Can Save You, Your Business, and Your Clients in the Long Run

You weigh many factors when choosing the right paint for a project–the application site, condition of the substrate, type of existing coating, desired effect, and budget. Sometimes, trading quality to save money is a temptation. But don’t do it. Paying a few extra bucks for premium paint can save you and your clients time, labor, and money, and we’d like to show you how.


How Premium Paint Saves Labor

Premium paint has better flow and leveling than low-grade paint. It applies more evenly to create a smoother finish. Premium paint also hides the original wall color in fewer coats, saving you the time and labor of additional coats. A perfect paint option to help save you on labor is BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint. It has a one-coat hide guarantee, which means you can cover the existing color in one coat when tinted to colors from the BEHR® One-Coat Color Collection◆. So, you spend fewer hours on the job, put less wear and tear on your equipment, and experience easier clean-up.


BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint


Why Using Premium Paint is Good for Your Business

You know that painting is an exacting job. So, anything that cuts down on the time and energy of the application process profits your business. When you can maximize the cost per square foot by using a premium coating, everyone in the process benefits. And because using premium paint saves you time, you can move from one job to the next more quickly.


A couple of business-boosting benefits you’ll find in premium paint over its economy paint counterparts are weather resistance and zero-to-low VOCs. BEHR MARQUEE® Exterior Paint features exceptional resistance to dirt and fading, allowing you to continue working up to an hour of an impending shower. This feature enables you to accommodate clients with exterior jobs with less downtime due to weather. BEHR PREMIUM PLUS® Interior Paint is also GREENGUARD® Gold- certified* for zero VOCs**, meaning you can paint in occupied spaces safely; and with little odor, clients can remain in their homes or offices with little upheaval in their lives. This creates happy clients whose referrals are the best leads you can get.




How Better Products Deliver Better Performance

When your paint coatings continue to perform long after you’re gone, your clients are happy with a finished product that leaves them with less maintenance in the long run. And better performance means you can knock out jobs quicker with fewer return visits. For instance, low-quality paints on face-up surfaces will imprint when objects are placed on them, resulting in callbacks. BEHR DYNASTY® Interior Paint doesn’t just offer superb coverage and hide that saves on labor; it also dries hard, resisting stains. Outside, clients want coverage that withstands the harshest conditions. Economy paint fades, chalks, and fails to hold up to moisture. A premium coating like BEHR ULTRA® Exterior Paint provides a paint finish that guards against damage from sunlight, moisture, stains and dirt.


Why Using Premium Paint Helps Your Client

Premium paint has a longer lifespan, preserving surfaces for many years between repaints. Because it lasts longer, your client saves money by not having to repaint frequently due to fading, scuffing, or stains. Outside, premium paint can increase curb appeal and keep the building looking newer longer. Also, maintaining surfaces covered with low-quality paint takes time and energy, which few clients have. When using a premium coating, property owners or managers don’t have to worry about the following common problems with painted surfaces.


  • Staining–Premium paints like BEHR PREMIUM PLUS are grime and dirt resistant. Because the dirt doesn’t sink in, the surface doesn’t stain.
  • Scrubbing–BEHR PREMIUM PLUS can also withstand scrubbing without damage, maintaining its color and finish for years.
  • Blocking–Economy paints tend to stick when the painted surfaces of cabinets and doors touch each other. Not so with premium paints. Block-resistant BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint offers a tack-free coating that won’t stick within four hours.
  • Fading–Premium, 100% acrylic paint maintains its fresh appearance. BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Paint uses cutting-edge UV protection technology to deliver longer-lasting color that resists chalking.


BEHR MARQUEE® Exterior Paint


For all your client needs, BEHR® makes premium, award-winning paints that deliver superior value. Available in a wide range of formulas, sheens, and colors, you’ll find the best paint for every application. To learn more about how BEHR® Paints can save you and your business time, labor, and money, contact a BEHR PRO® Rep today.


*BEHR PREMIUM PLUS is UL GREENGUARD® GOLD Certified for low chemical emissions. GREENGUARD® Certified products are certified to GREENGUARD® standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air during product usage. For more information, visit
**This product, like most Zero VOC paints, emits very low amounts of VOCs. Most emissions occur during painting and for 48 hours after. Some continue for two weeks or longer. While VOC emissions are very low, sensitive groups such as babies and asthma/allergy sufferers should minimize exposure.
◆ A primer coat may be needed on some surfaces. See back label for details.
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6 responses to “How Premium Paint Can Save You Time, Labor & Money”

  1. Steven Adickes says:

    I have used premium grade paint for the past 20 plus years. Without the correct surface preperation even a quality paint can fail. The true cost is time prepping surfaces. Prep effiicently and thoroughly in a timely manor and you will have a quality job.
    I have used Behr Marquee on both interior and exterior in Phoenix AZ.

    • Riley Shear says:

      Hi Steven,
      We’re happy to hear you enjoy BEHR MARQUEE® Interior & Exterior Paint! If you ever have product questions, our BEHR PRO® Representatives are here to help. Visit to learn more.
      The BEHR PRO Team

  2. MaryJane says:

    Is there a nehr interior satin accolade low voc paint

  3. Jenna says:

    I got two gallons of the cracked pepper and didn’t even finish the first gallon! It did great over the parched areas and did well on textured walls. Will pry need a few touch up areas with the textures. How long should I wait to hang stuff back on the walls? I was sold on the Dynasty after Home Depot Associate told me it dries in 24 hours!

    • Riley Shear says:

      Hi Jenna,

      We are happy to hear you enjoy BEHR DYNASTY Interior Paint in our 2024 Color of the Year Cracked Pepper! Two to three days should be safe to hang items on your walls. If you purchased the matte finish, one day is enough time to wait. If it’s a higher sheen, two to three days is preferrable.

      The BEHR PRO Team

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