A Bold Entrance

An interior entryway painted in a bright red color with white trim. As you walk into the home the walls are painted gray and the rooms décor is colored in blue and purple.
I like color to welcome you home – there’s nothing like a bright red in the hallway to lift your spirits when you walk in the door, or a soft green in the foyer to help you relax after a long day at work. Selecting just the right tone can be challenging to say the least.  Take a look at my tips below for some pointers on color placement and selection.The color that welcomes you home should help set the tone for color in other rooms in the house. Don’t be afraid to use dark color on the walls!
Contrary to popular belief, a dark color does not always make a room seem smaller. They can visually extend the boundaries of a room, especially if there is ample light and balance with lighter colors in flooring, furniture, the ceiling and window treatments.
The 60-30-10 proportion is a good rule to use for decorating color schemes: 60% of the color goes on walls, 30% of color can be used on furniture, area rugs and window treatments, and 10% on smaller accent pieces like throw pillows, picture frames or artwork.
The ceiling is considered the “fifth” wall – it doesn’t have to be painted plain white. A ceiling with a glossy finish reflects the light for a stunning effect both during the day and at night. Trick: A ceiling color that matches the wall helps rooms feel taller. It creates the illusion of a single seamless plane without a break between walls and ceiling.
A color palette showing paint blobs in white, red, gray, purple, blue, and soft black.
Silver Polish BL-W13; Circus Red M140-6;  Lunar Surface N460-3Purple Potion S100-5; Vintage Ribbon S540-4; Space Black N460-7
Deciding on the next color for your DIY project is hard. If you’re looking for color advice, join me, and our other experts, this week on April 20-21 for LIVE color counseling. To learn more about the event, visit behr.com

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