Bring the Colors of the California Superbloom into Your Home

A hillside showing vibrant colored flowers in Oranges, Purples, and Yellow hues.

Spring showers brought a burst of colorful wildflowers to the California hillsides that are expected to stay in bloom through July. The vibrant hues of this year’s Superbloom captivated nature enthusiasts and displayed awe-inspiring views. Why not keep these colors in our home long after the blooming landscape fades with this palette of earthy pinks, bold oranges, bright yellow, and purples?

A palette of colors/

Consider using these Superbloom colors for accent walls, doors, or furniture. We added Tart Orange to the doors and accented the console with Lavender Sky. The contrasting hues bring energy and vibrance to the room.  It’s like having California Poppies and Purple Daisies in your home.

A dining room showing doors into a living room area. The doors are bright orange. The console in the dining area is a bright purple color.

Sophisticated Lilac on the office desk can add a touch of elegance to your space. Consider incorporating soft pinks and lavenders in furniture, or decorative accents. These colors create a soothing atmosphere, perfect for focus and concentration.

An office area with a desk painted in a purplish-red hue.

Add a vibrant splash in your kitchen with Spirited Yellow for the cabinets. The hue is happy and upbeat and has the brightness of a Desert Dandelion or Bush Sunflower.

A dining/kitchen area with bright yellow upper cabinets.

Use Vermilion in your powder room to create a comfortable and energetic vibe. The color resembles the Indian Paintbrush flower with its muted, yet lively red hue.

A make-up area showing the walls in a muted red hue.

Create your own Superbloom. Incorporate a planter’s box painted in Joyful Orange and fill it with flowers. The vibrant orange with the yellow floral hue compliments the country-style home. 

Exterior home focused on a planter box that is bright orange with planted yellow flowers.

The colors in this palette can create an atmosphere that displays the liveliness and beauty found in this year’s Superbloom. Let your home become a reflection of the natural phenomena, bringing vibrancy into your everyday life.

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  • judy karff says...

    My first and second floor and the stair case going up to my third floor are painted the glorious color Joyful Orange.
    When I walk down from my fourth floor to the third floor balcony
    my spirits are lifted up from the burst of orange. The color makes me feel alive. So amazing that a color could bring so much joy into my life.

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