A Slice of Orange

An Inspiration board featuring different orange hues: Rumba Orange M230-7, Florida Sunrise P230-5, Citrus Delight P210-2.
Images are of the follow: Outside area with a wicker swing and side wall is painted a light orange color. A front door painted in a dark orange hue. A wall painted in a bright orange with three cactus plants sitting in front of the wall. A dog siting on the floor relaxed. A bedroom with a dark orange painted wall. In the room you see tree branches with green leaves, hanging lights and a rattan side table. The bedding is decorated with blankets that are different shades of orange and browns. A living room with brown and cream pillows. A copper colored light hangs above the couch.

When we think of the color Orange, often a vibrant and bright hue comes to mind. We envision the glow from a hot sunset sky or a glass of refreshing orange sunshine. Orange hues can also be softer and more muted with deeper tones that make this hue a beautiful option for your home. Rumba Orange M230-7, Florida Sunrise P230-5 and Citrus Delight P210-2  all pair nicely with earthy brown and green shades, sandy undertones, and warm metals like copper and gold. These are the perfect combinations to transform and warm up any space.

Citrus Delight P210-2 brightens up the living room and outside while keeping both areas comfortable and relaxed.

In the bedroom Rumba Orange M230-7 transforms the ordinary space into a picturesque view. And when used on a front door, it is a warm welcome for your guest.

Anytime you want a pop of color to bring excitement to space, use Florida Sunrise P230-5 on a wall and see your room awaken.

For more ways to use Orange hues, check out Behr’s Color Studio where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advice, and more!

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