Color of the Month: Adobe Sand

A collage of images representing the color Adobe Sand. A pile of neutral colored blankets sitting on a chair. A puppy popping out of a basket. A peaceful lake view just after sunset. A wood side dresser sitting against a wall that is painted in Adobe Sand.
June is a month of warm weather, soothing sunshine and the season’s first walks along the beach. Behr color Adobe Sand N240-2 is that essential joyous, relaxing vibe of cool sand between the toes in early summer, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for Adobe Sand.
Adobe Sand serves as the perfect backdrop for a living room or man cave outfitted with dark furniture. Paint the walls in this gentle beige shade, highlighted by white door and window trim. Espresso-hued upholstery looks stunning in this space, especially when accompanied by patterned pillows in copper, bronze and silver tones. Warm up a dark wood floor with an area rug with hints of sand hues among its fibers.
A living room with walls painted in Adobe Sand.
A dining room adorned in Adobe Sand also looks delightful, whether the floor is light, dark or somewhere in between. A dining room set with natural wood elements brings a sense of the outdoors in. Enhance the vibe even more with stone hues of gray, tan and charcoal. A sisal or other natural-fiber area rug completes the earthy-yet-timeless look.
A dining room with walls painted in Adobe Sand.
In the kitchen, Adobe Sand lends its soft warmth to the walls. This cohesive color plays well with others, so no matter what the color or style imbued by the other kitchen elements, everything visually works. Adobe Sand is also a great wall color for an open floor plan where the kitchen area flows into a living room or dining area.
A kitchen with walls painted in Adobe Sand.
Even though in the beige spectrum, Adobe Sand walls look amazing when paired with gray and silver tones in the bedroom. Outfit the bed with gray and white bedding, coupled with patterned throw pillows featuring a hint of blue or black. Layering textures and patterns atop the bed adds a rich look to the room, no matter what the look of the furniture.
A bedroom with walls painted in Adobe Sand.
The bathroom also benefits from walls of Adobe Sand. This soothing shade works equally well with a dark or light vanity, paired with the spectrum of soft grays of the floor or the shower tiles. Add a few wicker baskets to hold white towels in the master bathroom for a soothing spa vibe.
A bathroom painted in Adobe Sand.
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  • Deby says...

    What other colors would look best with adobe sand?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Deby,
      thank you for visiting our blog!
      We recommend the following colors to coordinate with Adobe Sand,

      Jojoba N390-3, Watery HDC-CT-26, Clear Vista PPU13-11, or Spice PPU2-18.

      Colorfully Yours,

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