BEHR announces 2020 color of the year: Back to Nature

A collage featuring the green hues. Images are the following: Girl hiking through green forest. An exterior home painted in Back to Nature. A living room with the walls painted in Back to Nature.

Behr is pleased to announce Back to Nature S340-4 as our 2020 Color of the Year. It perfectly captures the essence of subtle and effortless green that can be found in a wilderness landscape or an indoor garden. Back to Nature is a color that is all about awakenings and is especially appropriate at the start of a new decade. As a lifestyle trend, embracing the great outdoors is both a personal and collective activity that is very popular. Whether planning a trip to a vast national park or strolling through a city garden at the end of the block – visiting nature is the time-honored method to balance and rejuvenate the spirit. 

Bringing this outdoor color into your home is a soothing salve to the senses.

Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for Back to Nature.

Back to Nature adds a pleasing, garden-inspired vibe to a home’s exterior. This shade lives happily with white window and door trim. In a back yard with a patio and even a poolside area, a white pergola topped with ivy adds summertime shade while enhancing the garden-like environment. The back patio is the perfect place for an outdoor dinner party, too. Add a white tablecloth to the outdoor table for a somewhat formal look. A floral centerpiece atop the table really ties together the nature vibe.

An exterior home painted in Back to Nature. The patio is set up with a long table for a large dinner party.

Make a statement with an entryway, whether for the front, back or side of the house, by painting the door with Back to Nature. This color adds a curious touch to an otherwise neutral exterior, making the home seem inviting to neighbors, guests and friends you haven’t yet met. It also evokes feelings of health and nature, which adds a peaceful effect to the home before even entering it.

A exterior front door painted in Back to Nature.

Door:Back to Nature S340-4  Trim:Painter’s White PPU18-09

The living room is the perfect place to prominently feature Back to Nature on the walls. This shade is at once soothing and warm as a welcome alternative to white. Green walls look absolutely amazing in a room with loads of natural light pouring through French doors or large windows. This is the ultimate place set up a relaxing reading area, complete with a comfy sofa and side chair.

A living room painted in Back to Nature.
Living Room / Family Room

Wall:Back to Nature S340-4   Trim:Polar Bear 75

Back to Nature also provides a relaxing effect as a backdrop for a home office or study area. A mellow, modern green plays just as well with dark room accents as it does with whites. Complete the mid-Century look with an adjustable retro desk lamp, paired with a vintage office chair. A few potted plants and a framed plant-inspired art piece round out the look.

A home office painted in Back to Nature.

Wall and TrimBack to Nature S340-4   Door:Graphic Charcoal N500-6

Back to Nature is an excellent backdrop for a living room decked out in muted and mostly white tones, no matter what the theme or style of the space. A white console table with antiqued white spindle legs serves as a space to display a favorite table lamp and a book or two. Add a few artsy decorative and sculptural pieces with interesting, unmatched textures and styles for an eclectic, modern vibe.

Don’t forget to add a piece of framed wall art, centering it above the table near eye level. To add a hint of nature to the space, use a framed photo or painting of foliage.

A side table against a wall painted in Back to Nature.
Living Room / Family Room

Wall: Back to Nature S340-4  

When it comes to peaceful home environments, a light green dining room is sure to please. Back to Nature creates just the sort of mood that encourages pleasant conversations with friends and family members invited to dinner. As a wall color, Back to Nature plays well with wood dining-room furniture of just about any style. A mid-Century dark wood dining set upholstered in black looks simply stunning in this space, as does a dark wood floor.

A dining are with the walls painted in Back to Nature.
Dining Room

Wall & Trim: Back to Nature S340-4   Door: Graphic Charcoal N500-6

Repurpose a white bookshelf nearby as a place to display a collection of succulents and other potted plants. For a home with an open floor plan, a large neutral sofa, placed with its back toward the dining area, divides a large room into separate designated spaces, such as a living room and dining room.

A corner of a bookshelf leaning again a wall painted in Back to Nature.
Dining Room

Wall: Back to Nature S340-4  

A soothing green like Back to Nature can be used for the ceiling in a black and white bathroom, the overall effect is harmonious and revitalizing.

A bathroom with the ceiling painted in Back to Nature.

Wall: Painter’s White PPU18-08     Ceiling: Back to Nature S340-4  

Back to Nature is also a welcoming shade for a window seat/storage cabinet in otherwise white room. It creates an outdoorsy, soothing feeling that’s perfect for those mornings spent with a cup of tea and a good book, interspersed with glances out the window. A few hints of gray in the forms of accent pillows and even a patterned rug add a visual break from the two-tone look.

A small reading area with a window seat. The wall is painted in Back to Nature.
Laundry / Mudroom

Wall & Cabinets: Back to Nature S340-4  

For more information on our color of the year and the 2020 color trends palette see our article on

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