Ask A Color Expert – Tween Girl’s Modern Bedroom

This image shows a tween girls bedroom. It has a modern look to it with a stripe on the wall painted in Little Princess. Remaining walls are painted in Polar Bear and trim is painted in Proper Purple. 
There is a small night stand to the left of the bed decorated with photos, books and an ipod with speaker. 
There is a wall unit to the left with books, photos, and other decoration elements. There is also a pink desk with books and notebooks. 
To the edge of the bed is a leopard style seat. 
And lastly there is a tall modern orange clock.

A reader named Aria is getting her daughter’s room remodeled. The room will be more modern chic look so the tween girl wants colors that are on the feminine trendy side. She also gave us info on the bed frame and flooring which is also helpful for us to come up with a coordinating palette.
Hello Behr Color Advice,
We are re modeling our tween daughter’s room which will be more on the modern side. She wants colors that are still girly and chic. Her bed frame/furniture is black and head board is yellow upholstery and flooring is more of a medium maple. We will also have other pops of color. Thank you! – Aria

Thank you for your interest in BEHR Paint!
Based on the great information you have provided us we have put together a few colors that you can consider together in your daughter’s room. These colors also pair well with other pops of color such as lime, yellow or orange. I will suggest painting the walls in Polar Bear and adding a pop of Little Princess painted either as an accent wall or you can do a vertical line behind the headboard. Proper Purple will be great for painting either the window or trim.

This shows paint spills in Polar Bear, Little Princess and Proper Purple.

Due to differences in monitors and technical factors, the colors here cannot be represented with their true qualities. These color samples should only be considered a guide. Please refer to actual swatches for true color. We strongly recommend beginning with an 8 oz. sample container of the color you choose and apply it to a small area on your wall to ensure your satisfaction with the color choice. It is always a good idea to see how the light and ambient conditions affect the color at different points in the day.
Colorfully Yours,

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