Color of the Month: Gold Hearted

Dining room with table decorated for fall. Color on the wall is Gold Hearted.
November calls to mind the scent of autumn leaves, a smile outdoors on a sunny day and the excitement of the upcoming holiday season. That’s why Gold Hearted T17-02 is the ideal choice – by name and tint – for our Color of the Month. This soft gold tone evokes a sense of comforting warmth even on the coolest of afternoons.
Paint droop in color Gold Hearted
Gold Hearted on the walls can enhance the friendly, welcoming nature of a space, whether it’s a country kitchen or one with a more modern rustic design.  This color pairs well with earth tones, light woodgrains and even dark cabinets. Add spicy orange or charcoal accents for an extra pinch of zest and zing in the kitchen.
Kitchen with walls painted in Gold Hearted.
Yellow is the perfect color family for areas of entertainment.  Not only are they inviting, they invigorate, sparking conversation and ones appetite- designating them a popular color choice for dining rooms.
Dining room with walls painted in Gold Hearted.
When accompanied by creamy white white beadboard, trim or picture frame molding Gold Hearted can feel country, modern or traditional. For a festive holiday look, decorate your dining room table with pumpkin-hued placemats, an assortment of winter squash and colorful autumn leaves to celebrate the vibrant beauty of the season.
Close up of a table showing a place setting in fall decor with wall in background painted in Gold Hearted.
Whether on the walls of a den, family room or living room, the comfy nature of this mellow yellow makes it perfect for cuddling up with a cup of cocoa and a favorite novel. Pair it with burgundy, orange or eggplant accents in the form of throw pillows, a blanket or even a bookcase. Add a leather armchair and ottoman to make the space extra comfy for casual conversation or a change of perspective.
Sitting area with walls painted in Gold Hearted.
This yellow hue can be a ray of sunshine in a dark room when used as an accent color. Add a pop of energy and fun within a deep blue bedroom by painting the bed frame or some of the furniture in Gold Hearted.  Mix in an orange accent or two for added balance and a just a touch of vibrant, playful energy.
Bedroom with blue painted walls and gold accents. Bedfram is painted in Gold Hearted.
To view Gold Hearted T17-02 in a picture of your own room click here.
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