Color of the Month: Quiet Time

A closet with walls painted in Quiet Time. The clothing on the rack are black, gray and white colors. There is a white rug and shoes on the floor and a full length mirror leaning against the wall.
January is a month of wintry skies and of winding down into relaxation mode after the holidays. The outdoor world shrouds itself in subdued colors as nature hibernates its way through the winter. The subtle-yet-soothing gray of Behr’s Quiet Time T18-19 perfectly captures January’s contemplative mood, which is why we’ve selected it as our Color of the Month.
Use this soft gray color to enjoy the quieter times in life. Whether you are just reading a book, or seeking an escape of city life, this calming, understated gray will transform your home from hustle and bustle to sanctitude.  Grays tend to spark reflection and silence, so Quiet Time is best painted in spaces that don’t require high energy but instead deep focus.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for Quiet Time (light gray color).

Quiet Time serves as a pleasing alternative to white or beige on a home’s exterior. White trim around windows and doors looks crisp and clean against this stone-inspired gray. Quiet Time works equally well whether the home has a few brick elements or a stone pathway leading up to the front door. Add pops of vivid pink potted flowers on either side of the door for a stunning natural accent.

An exterior home painted in Quiet Time. The trim is white and front door is a bright yellow color.
Walls painted in Quiet Time also enhance the sense of peace in an office or living room, or even a space that doubles as both. This wall color is an ideal backdrop for a room with eclectic style, letting the furnishings take center stage. Mismatched furniture in varied colors and styles becomes unified against the gray background, creating a new style. Add a few repeating accents in bright blue, yellow or green to tie the space together even more with a playful, colorful touch.
A home office with the walls painted in Quiet Time.
Quiet Time is an ideal shade for a bedroom, as its name implies. Paint walls with Quiet Time to create the ultimate relaxation room that’s peaceful yet sophisticated enough for even the most modern tastes. Furnish the room with gray, white or blue armchairs, gray and white bedding and a sprinkle of orange, cobalt blue or red accents for just the right amount of visual energy.
A bedroom with the walls painted in Quiet Time.
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