Color of the Month: Soft Focus

A natural wood dining table set in Thanksgiving décor of soft green colored pumpkins, white candles, white plates and cream color napkins. On the wall is a wreath made from large green leaves and pinecones. The wall is painted in Soft Focus.

November is the month when we migrate indoors, prepping for cooler weather and spending time seeking cuddly comfort and warmth. Behr’s Soft Focus T18-09 is the perfect reflection of the simplicity and tranquility that are oh so important in life — especially before the holidays — which is why we’ve chosen this pleasing white hue as our Color of the Month.

Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for Soft Focus (a soft cream color).

A coat of Soft Focus on the exterior of a home keeps things simple, stylish and stunning. Soft Focus makes an excellent backdrop for wrought iron hinges on barn-style doors or for just about any dark shutter color. Add white plant pots fitted with regal red or purple flowers for a spot of striking beauty.

An exterior farmhouse styled shed painted in Soft Focus.

Featured color: Soft Focus T18-09

Soft Focus sets a peaceful tone for the entire home when used on entryway walls. This color works equally well with modern or classic decor or even combinations of the two. Add a wooden bench, vintage tin or steel storage bins and black-framed artwork featuring natural elements to enhance the tranquil vibe. Silvery gray, distressed wood flooring looks especially nice against a Soft Focus backdrop.

An interior entryway with the wall painted in Soft Focus. The door to the home is painted in a blue color.

Featured colors: Soft Focus T18-09, Carbon N520-7

Soft Focus also serves as a great backdrop for an eclectic yet subdued dining or lounging room outfitted with an array of seating options. Outfit the room with assorted chairs and stacks of floor pillows in espresso tones, grays and soft beige hues, paired with several patterns to add visual texture.

A living room with different styled and neutral shaded color chairs. A small round gold table top with a brown base sits in the center of the chairs. The wall is painted in Soft Focus.

Featured color: Soft Focus T18-09

A white garage or workshop doesn’t have to be boring. Set the stage for a fun, inviting environment with Soft Focus on the walls, then add an apple green pegboard, robin’s egg shop stool and colored glass accents in the windows. This just may become your new favorite hangout space.

A garage work area painted in Soft Focus. The area is bright with windows. Is decorated with pops of bright orange and green accessories.

Featured colors: Soft Focus T18-09Riesling Grape PPU9-06Flaming Torch PPU3-03

Add Soft Focus to a pink nursery or toddler’s room to tone things down a bit, making the space more peaceful and perfect for sleep. Add gray poufs and stuffed animals, followed by a few white fabrics for a cohesive calming space.

A nursery with vaulted ceilings painted in Soft Focus. One wall is painted in a soft pink color. Accessories in the room are wood tone and gray colors.

Featured colors: Soft Focus T18-09, Positively Pink T18-01

In an adult’s bedroom, Soft Focus adds to a relaxing yet glamorous environment, no matter what the style. From an upholstered headboard to a chic chandelier, Soft Focus helps tie the look of the room together. Add crisp white elements such as a down comforter and nightstand lamps to complete the look.

A bedroom with brick walls painted in Soft Focus. The furniture is a light wood color and bedding is white with neutral pops of color.

Featured color: Soft Focus T18-09

Go for total tranquility in a bathroom by painting the walls in Soft Focus. This versatile shade works equally with white tiles, wooden elements such as a vanity and even black or darkened bronze hardware.

A bathroom painted in Soft Focus. Furniture is yellow toned wood. Green towels hang from the wall.

Featured colors: Soft Focus T18-09, ULTRA PURE WHITE

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  • Pat Hupp says...

    Question, looking for a color that does not pull: yellow or green…is this one? I want to paint my entire house one color. Warm wood floors, cabinets, very open and lofty, home in the woods.

    • Kathy says...

      I been looking for the same..My home is small so any paint I put on the walls looks dark…Soft focus is pretty..Looks almost white and I’m afraid it won’t show up next to the white trim…Have you tried it yet?? Interested in seeing the outcome

      • Larayne Boaz says...

        Hi Kathy, Soft Focus is really light, however, It all depends on the white you have now. I suggest you try an 8oz color sample first to see how close or not the colors look together.

  • Rhonda Cunningham says...

    We have a 100+ year old home with dark woodwork which we don’t want to paint. The public rooms are mostly east and south facing. Would soft focus work well for us?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Rhonda, thank you for visiting our blog!
      Soft Focus will work and it will help to open up your space and lighten it up.
      You can purchase an 8oz sample at your local Home Depot to test it out first on your walls.
      Hope this helps!

      Colorfully Yours,

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