Color of the Month: Bluebird

A fireplace mantle painted with an accent blue color.

June is a month of dreamy weather, sky gazing and spending as much time on the porch or patio as possible. We can’t help but smile when looking up at the soft blue sky dotted with white fluffy clouds.  Behr paint color Bluebird PPU15-12 is a saturated color that is energetic. It has more energy than say a Light Drizzle which is calmer and more soothing.  Bluebird calls to mind those gentle June skies that inspire us to relax and enjoy the moment.

Top view of an open paint can tinted to blue color called Bluebird.

Bluebird makes a stunning statement in a foyer or entryway, even if used on a single piece of furniture. Paint an entry table in this carefree hue to bring a sense of wonder and interest to the home. This effect works well with white walls and a patterned floor adorned in hints of charcoal, light gray, white and a touch of blue. A mirror on the wall above the table reflects blue into the room, adding a sense of depth that works well even in a narrow entryway.

A blue half-moon console table and a geometric design on the floor created by using multiple colors including Bluebird paint color.
Table Color- Bluebird PPU15-12, Floor – Painter’s White PPU18-08, Graphic Charcoal N500-6, Light Drizzle N480-1 and Battleship Gray N360-4

For an entirely different look in a living room, coat the fireplace surround and mantel with Bluebird. This cheery hue looks especially stunning against stark white or light gray walls. Top the mantel with a favorite painting, such as an abstract piece in whites, grays, blues and golds.

A wood fireplace mantel painted an unexpected blue color called Bluebird and an abstract painting sitting on top of the mantle and leaning on white wall.
Fireplace mantel- Bluebird PPU15-12, Wall- Painter’s White PPU18-08

Bluebird also adds an astounding amount of interest to a stairwell. Paint the stair treads in this welcoming blue tone and surround them with white stairs, walls and wall trim. The result feels a bit like walking up into the sky. At the staircase landing, outfit the area with pickled oak or light wood floors, a natural fiber area rug and a few home accents in sandy earth tones.

A staircase painted in mostly white paint, but steps are painted in a playful periwinkle blue color blue which adds character and draws your attention to each step.
Wall – ULTRA PURE WHITE ®, Stair Steps- Bluebird PPU15-12

Turn the kitchen into a peaceful household gathering place with Bluebird walls. White window trim and cabinets stand out against this gorgeous blue for a result that looks as a summer sunny-day sky. A granite or marble counter-top looks amazing with this color scheme, as does a light-colored wood or tile floor. Add a few earthy accents such as woven baskets and wooden trays for that earth-and-sky appeal.

A cottage style kitchen painted in Bluebird blue, white cabinets, light tone hardwood floor and light gray marble counter-top.
Wall-Bluebird PPU15-12, Cabinets-Swiss Coffee 12

Bluebird also adds visual interest for a studio apartment or home with an open floor plan. For the kitchen, blue base-cabinets with white wall-cabinets, and gray walls add an artistic touch to a modern space. Outfit the rest of the area with wood furniture, blue or gray upholstery and a patterned monochromatic area rug. Wood floors make this space feel inviting as well.

An open floor apartment with living, dining areas and a kitchenette, lower cabinets are painted a blue color called Bluebird.
Walls & Upper cabinets – ULTRA PURE WHITE ®  Lower Cabinets- Bluebird PPU15-12

A child’s bedroom or play area is an ideal space for Bluebird walls, too. A color scheme with blues, tans and whites creates a peaceful vibe when used as accent colors on furniture, stuffed animals and toy storage bins.

A blue Scandinavian nursery-playroom with wooden cabinet, desk, mint color armchair, baby accessories and toys.
Wall- Bluebird PPU15-12, Trim – Frost 57

In a teen or adult bedroom, Bluebird works well in several different scenarios. For a unique look in a room with light-colored walls, paint a wood bed frame in Bluebird. Adorn the rest of the space with white, gray or tan bedding, a natural fiber rug and accent pieces. For another look, Bluebird walls pair well with a gray upholstered bed frame with white bedding. This look works well with light or dark wood floors, as well as with platinum or silver bedside tables.

A well-lit and airy coastal style bedroom with a blue wooden bedframe and fluffy light neutral bedding.
Wall-Brook Green N410-2, Bedframe-Bluebird PPU15-12, Trim-Polar Bear 75
A chic blue bedroom with light gray upholstered bed headboard and dark hardwood floor which creates a sense of serenity and balance.
Wall- Bluebird PPU15-12 Trim: Nano White HDC-MD-06

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  • Connie Compton says...

    Love this color. Would like it for my living room. However not sure how it would look in my kitchen. I have an open concept.

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Connie, thank you for visiting our blog!
      Bluebird is a beautiful color that is more often used as an accent color.
      Since you have an open concept you can feature a wall painted in Bluebird and paint the remaining walls in a neutral tone.
      You can also add in some decor items with the same color as Bluebird or paint a side table in Bluebird as well to make it pop in another room.

      Colorfully Yours,

  • Cindy says...

    This is pretty but may be too much blue for a small bedroom. Would you recommend painting the ceiling with bluebird and white walls? If so, what color white would work well.

    • Larayne Boaz says...

      Yes! The ceiling would make a statement painted in Bluebird. Any of the whites from the article could work: Nano White, Polar Bear, Painter’s White are some of our favorites. We suggest trying color samples first as lighting and time of day can change the color appearance, especially with whites.
      Colorfully yours,

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