Color of the Month: Nocturne Shade

A sitting area painted in Nocturne Shade. There is a wood bench against the wall. A branch style tree with lights standing next to the bench. Under the tree are gifts wrapped in white and gold holiday paper.
December is a month of long nights, short days and plenty of reasons to celebrate with family and friends. This holiday season is infused with a sense of mystery carried over from childhood, coupled with smatterings of glamorous-infused festivities. Whether nighttime means cuddling under the covers with a favorite book or enjoying sips of mulled wine with friends, dark, intriguing hues take top honors this season, which is why Nocturne Shade T18-04 is the Behr Color of the Month.
Paint Swatch - Open paint can with paint brush that was dipped showing paint color for Nocturne Shade (a deep purplish-brown color).
Set your home up for the holidays – or any other glam-infused get-together – by adding accent pieces in shades of plum, dark wine and Nocturne Shade. From throw blankets and pillows to table runners, bows or ribbon-wrapped wreaths, these add-on elements imbue any home with a lavish, luxurious atmosphere.
On the exterior of a home, Nocturne Shade serves as a rich, out-of-the-ordinary accent color that looks simply stunning, especially on a gray house. Paint the mailbox, front door or even the window frames in Nocturne Shade to up the intrigue level on your home. This deep tone stands out even more when surrounded by white trim. Accent the outdoor space with potted plants featuring jewel-toned foliage or flowers for an added natural touch.
A tight view of an exterior home showing the front door and window frames painted in Nocturne Shade.
In this bath, walls adorned with Nocturne Shade warm the industrial look of tile and stone while maintaining a clean and sophisticated look. Accent the space with white, gray and greens elements to balance the richness of this murky purple.
A bathroom images with the walls painted in Nocturne Shade.
The bedroom is the ideal abode for Nocturne Shade. This captivatingly dark color enhances a restful, sleep-promoting environment when used on walls or when chosen as the fabric color for a down comforter. Add an air of vintage romance by outfitting the space with velvety, deep eggplant or wine-colored drapes.
A bedroom with the walls painted in Nocturne Shade.
A seating area, dining room or any other space designed for conversation takes on a moody-yet-rich vibe when outfitted in Nocturne Shade, navy blue and deep wine or plum tones. Brighten up the space a little with hints of silver or amber. Jewel tones also pair well with Nocturne Shade’s mysterious hue for an elegantly eclectic environment.
A small dining area for two with the walls painted in Nocturne Shade.
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