Color of the Month: Dusty Lilac

A cozy living room painted in a light purple color called Dusty Lilac, the décor is a mix is very eclectic. The ceiling is painted in at terra cotta colors which provide a lot of warmth to the room.

February is the month of cozy time spent indoors, cuddling up with a favorite read and a cup of cocoa. As the days get longer, the western evening sky delights with soft hues of orange, pink and lilac. February is also a time of sharing sweet treats, such as the timeless classic, conversation hearts. Behr color Dusty Lilac N110-1 calls to mind the light lavender hue that adorns these candies, store decorations and gifts shared during this season, which is why we’ve selected it as a Color of the Month.

An open can overview with paint in a light purple color called Dusty Lilac.

Dusty Lilac offers welcoming, peaceful energy when used on living room walls in place of white. Paired with furnishings in subtle gray, silver and white tones, the colors seem to blend for a dreamy, ethereal vibe in this warm, soothing space. This color combination works just as well with contemporary or retro-inspired room styles.

A closeup detail image of a living room, the room features neutral accent chair, a couple of accent table and a lamp.  The wall is painted in light purple color called Dusty Lilac.
Feature Colors: Wall- Dusty Lilac N110-1 Trim- Polar Bear 75

In the dining room, Dusty Lilac walls make the room feel spacious, open and airy, setting the tone for pleasant conversations over brunch. This color works wonders in a room with dark wood floors, as it brightens up the space a bit. A sideboard in a smoky navy blue hue offers storage while also making an artistic statement. Round out the space with white door trim, soft gray doors and a dining set in white and silver or gray.

A room-to-room setting featuring casual modern furniture. There's a dining and living room area, dining room is painted with color called Dusty Lilac and the living area is painted with a white color called Painter's White. The wide two panel door that allows visibility from one room to the other is painted in khaki green, almost gray color called Battleship Gray.
Feature Colors: Wall- Dusty Lilac N110-1 Back Wall & Trim – Painter’s White PPU18-08 Doors-Battleship Gray N360-4

Dusty Lilac is just as lovely on half a wall as it is over every wall surface in a room. Paint the lower half of the walls in lilac, the top white for a look that suits just about any space. A Mid-century sideboard in white and wood tones looks striking against this lilac backdrop. Adorn the top of the sideboard with accent pieces in deep blues, whites, mellow lavenders and grays.

A two tone wall featuring with a mid-century modern console.  The upper wall is painted in a white color called Painter's White, the lower wall is painted in light purple color called Dusty Lilac.
Feature Colors: Lower Wall & Trim- Dusty Lilac N110-1 Upper Wall- Polar Bear 75

The kitchen is another place to explore the wonders of Dusty Lilac. This soft shade works particularly well as a contrasting tone for an alcove or nook area offset from the rest of the room. Create a soothing yet creative environment by outfitting the lilac space with furnishings in dusty pastel hues, such as a mellow aqua sideboard or set of storage drawers, topped with ombre glass bowl in shades of sea or sky. A watercolor artwork featuring subtle expressions from gray to lilac to blue turns this space into a relaxing area that’s also well-suited for a home office or a place to read the latest library find.

A close detail of a interior room setting decorated with an aqua colored furniture piece and watercolor artwork on the wall. The room is painted in light purple color called Dusty Lilac.
Feature Color: Wall- Dusty Lilac N110-1

Showing off a completely different approach to color, a Dusty Lilac bathroom ceiling sets the stage for a relaxing, luxurious spa day at home. A black and white theme creates a luxe look in this sumptuous space outfitted with a black and white clawfoot tub, black vanity and black wall sconces against a white backdrop.

A bathroom featuring a ceiling painted in a soft purple color called Dusty Lilac.  The bathroom is decorated with black claw-foot tub, hardware and furniture.
Feature Colors: Walls- Painter’s White PPU18-08 Ceiling- Dusty Lilac N110-1

Dusty Lilac is an excellent choice for bedroom walls, creating a relaxing environment that’s just as soothing at night as it is when first waking up. It even works well a space with variations in architectural details, such as an attic bedroom with a sloped ceiling and beadboard walls. Paint the focal wall behind the bed in Dusty Lilac, as well as the areas decked out in beadboard, leaving the areas sloping towards the ceiling white. Add artwork with pops of bright color, such as cobalt blue, to create a point of visual interest.

A relaxing bedroom featuring a paneled wall painted in light purple color called Dusty Lilac.   There is a sloping architectural detail which create visual interest.  Sloping detail, trim and wooden bed are painted in white color.
Feature Colors: Wall: Dusty Lilac N110-1 Trim & Ceiling- Polar Bear 75

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