Trend Color Spotlight: Spirit Warrior

Accent interior door painted in Spirit Warrior. To the left of the door is a coat hanger and a lantern with a candle. To the right of the door is a basket with fresh sunflowers and a large standing vase. To the middle of the door is a runway carpet.

Bright, powerful and radiant with energy, this fiery red demands attention -and it’s got it. 

This image shows an open paint can with Spirit Warrior and a paint brush with paint on it.

Spirit Warrior is a lively red with orange undertones that brings a warm welcoming feeling to your home.  Red hot reds, such as Spirit Warrior, are a wake up call for your senses, with their heart pounding, blood pumping vivacity. Use this color to draw attention where you want it to go, accenting walls, furnishings and doors alike.  We’ve used it on the inside of a front door, to brighten and bring a cheery feeling to this entryway. Channel your very own Spirit Warrior with this beautiful, vibrant color.
Featured Colors: Door- Spirit Warrior T18-12, Wall- Soft Focus T18-09, Trim- ULTRA PURE WHITE
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