Color of the Month: Explorer Blue

A contemporary home entry, the walls are painted in a blue color called Explorer Blue. There is a metal accent table an oval mirror mounted on the wall.
Walls: Explorer Blue, Trim: Polar Bear

May signals the shift from springtime to summer –  it is nice to see flowers blooming after April showers. The upcoming sunny season is teeming with pistachio and pink, sky blue and mint, lilac and buttercup.

Getting outside again makes Explorer Blue a perfect candidate for this month’s color spotlight. The inviting energy of this action-oriented blue lifts the spirits and provides a positive energy for a bold and adventurous statement throughout your home.

The top view of an open paint can.  There is a half dipped paint brush sitting on top of the can.  The color being featured is blue and it is called Explorer Blue.

In a bedroom space, Explorer Blue imparts a seaside resort, tropical destination vibe. Use it as an accent color on walls, doors or borders to add that sense of relaxation.

A beautiful bedroom painted is blue color called Explorer Blue.  The room has an amazing ocean view.
Wall: ULTRA PURE WHITE ®, Accent Wall: Explorer Blue

Explorer Blue also has youthful appeal, making it a great choice for a kid’s room. Coordinate with yellow, white and light neutral décor and bedding for a fun, snuggly feel.  

A modern blue kid's bedroom. Many dolls setting on bed with blue and yellow pillows in kid bedroom.
Wall: Platinum, Accent Wall: Explorer Blue

What bathroom couldn’t use a splash of oceanic color to complement all the watery splashing that goes on? Explorer Blue looks and feels seamless in relation to the room’s purpose.

A bathroom with two sinks. The accent color featured behind the vanity and mirrors is a youthful blue color called Explorer Blue.
Walls: Polar Bear, Accent Wall: Explorer Blue

Explorer Blue is the perfect color for spring and summer outdoor living. Make a splash with this confident hue by turning a pair of old Adirondack chairs into eye-catching poolside loungers.

Two adirondack chairs staged by the poolside.  The chairs feature a fun, summer hue called Explorer Blue.
Chairs Color: Explorer Blue

Explorer Blue is a unique color that can be used in many compelling ways. The possibilities are endless for it to bring a sense of delight both inside and outside your home. To learn more about Explorer Blue, please visit

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