Color of the Month: Fiji

A collage of images representing the color Fiji. Image of jewel toned vases. A sitting area with a red chair and wall painted in Fiji. An image of ceramic plates. A green and blue vibrant lake reflecting trees on the glass-like surface
July is the month of summer vacations and peaceful strolls along a beach or waterfront whenever possible. Turquoise waters, blue skies and big smiles perfectly capture the mood of the month. Behr color Fiji P460-5 calls to mind swimming pools and the pristine, refreshing ocean waters between sand and sky, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.

Fiji serves as a tranquil yet stunning wall color, whether used in a small alcove or spanning an entire room. As a focal tone, Fiji adds energy and excitement to a room with an otherwise light or neutral color scheme. White or cream furnishings look amazing against this azure-inspired background. This rich ocean blue tone also works well for a gallery wall, or any wall used to display art with black frames and white mats. Pair with blue and green accents to round out a visually vibrant, and comfortable room.

If Fiji proves too intense for an entire living room, use this stunning shade in a supporting role instead. Add hints of Fiji and other blue and turquoise hues in the form of vases, flowers and even the wall art. These subtle yet refreshing accents look amazing in a room with pastel blue walls, or in the form of blue furniture in an otherwise neutral space.

Fiji also adds visual interest to a dining room. Paint the door and all the room’s trim in this cheery blue hue for an unexpected creative touch. This look really balances out gray or pale blue walls, too. Add wood furniture, paired with accent pieces in jewel tones such as golden amber glassware.
Give new life to a worn dining room floor with a painted pattern inspired by retro floor linoleum. Paint squares, diamonds or parallelograms in shades of Fiji, beige, gray, white and a blue-green.

Turn any bedroom into an exotic retreat with Fiji-hued walls. Add bedding in rich jewel tones to complement the dark wood of the bed frame or floor. White trim rounds out the space with a hint of lightness in this room full of wonder.
A bedroom with walls painted in Fiji.
Make a tiny bathroom less boring with a swath of Fiji on the walls. This large band of color makes a white room feel more tropical and aquatic, adding a sense of tranquility. Outfit the space with bath linens and accessories in blue, gray and white.
Bathroom with a strip behind the sink painted in Fiji.
For more color and design inspiration check out the Behr Color Studio here.
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