Color of the Month: Light Drizzle

Bedroom painted in light blue color called Light Drizzle.  The bed is dressed with layered bedding and multiple pillows.   The rest of the bedroom is decorated with a side table, a lamp, wall artwork, a comfy sitting bench.  The overall feeling of the room in very light and airy as there are two windows that allow for plenty of daylight.

Nature is abuzz with energy in April as flowers and trees awaken from their winter sleep. Light sprinkles of rain, interspersed with sunshine, provide the perfect amount of nourishment to wake the world from its winter slumber. The sky takes on gentle hues of blue, dotted with puffy white clouds. Behr color Light Drizzle N480-1 calls to mind the soft blue sky present on an imminently sunny spring day, which is why we’ve chosen it as the Color of the Month.

An open paint can overview featuring a light  blue color called Light Drizzle.

Light Drizzle is an inviting, easy-on-the-eyes color that’s perfect for living room walls. White wall and window trim look crisp and clean against the blue backdrop. Furnish the room with earthy neutrals, such as a light beige sofa, topped with a few white and light blue patterned throw pillows to enhance the earth-and-sky vibe. Wood floors and shelves look great against a Light Drizzle backdrop, as does a sisal rug and other natural-fiber room accents. A few French vanilla pillar candles look great in this space, especially teamed up with a table lamp in a similar hue. Add a vase of fresh cut lilacs in varying shades of lavender and purple for an extra touch of outdoor beauty.

This living room area has a beige sofa on the center.  The decor is nautical with blue and  natural sand colors. The room featured dark hardwood floor.

A kitchen adorned with Light Drizzle walls feels like waking up to the warmth of a sunny spring or summer day. It’s the perfect wall color for a breakfast nook outfitted with white built-in seats and a timeless white tulip table. White window and wall trim further enhance the beauty of the cheery blue walls. Light Drizzle is also a great shade for an eclectic kitchen, or in a home with an open floor plan where one space seamlessly morphs into another. This soft shade works well even on furniture, such as a buffet or bureau cabinet used to store spare dishes and kitchenware. A few throw pillows in patterned blues or yellow atop the nook bench rounds out the sunny day sensation.

A breakfast nook decorated with casual and modern furniture.  The walls are painted in light color called Light Drizzle. The overall room is accented by a pop of yellow and teal.

Light Drizzle walls add some cheer to the laundry room, too. Keep the vibe light and airy with white wall trim, a white door and even white shelves to store those laundry-day necessities. A light gray or white floor keeps the color scheme going, making chore time feel less dreary and a lot cheerier.

A laundry room with gray finish stack-able washer-dryer.  the room features a pet sleeping and eating area.  The walls are painted in light blue color called Light Drizzle.

This color combination also works well in a basement rec room or home office, maximizing any natural light that flows into this multi-purpose space.

A casual home office area with all white desk and chair. The decor is very clean and minimal looking.  The walls are painted in a light blue color called Light Drizzle.

For something a little different in an otherwise white bathroom, paint the ceiling in Light Drizzle and capture the peaceful essence of the daytime sky. It’s perfect for a bathroom outfitted with a clawfoot tub; after all, a nice soaking bath deserves a pleasant overhead view. Round out the space with a few contrasting elements, such as an espresso or black vanity and a deep jeweled blue bench or seat. Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures and wall sconces look stunning in this dreamy relaxation space.

A classic-modern bathroom, featuring a black clawfoot tub, sconces and sink cabinet.  The room is paint in white color called Painter's White and the ceiling is painted in light blue color called Light Drizzle.

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  • Diane says...

    Is this a blue color?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Diane, thank you for visiting our blog!

      Yes Light Drizzle does have a subtle blue undertone.

      Colorfully Yours,

  • Jane Bennett says...

    So does this appear on your wall as a very light blue or grey?

    • Jay Jay says...

      Looks gray in my kitchen.. not sure if I like it and it is a slight medium warm tone.

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