Color of the Month: Jojoba

Interior design of living room at modern home with stylish furniture. The room feel well lit with natural light and the walls are painted in a mid-tone green called Jojoba.

For those of us who love DIY projects and other creative pastimes, finding new color schemes and fantastic hues is always an exciting experience. In fact, the whole concept of “color of the month” lets us explore new colors we can use for our various works of art. No matter if you want a trendy hue for fashion designs or you simply want to repaint the accent wall in your home, our color of the month selects will always give you new options to try. With that in mind, here is a closer look at our March color of the month: Jojoba.

The top view of an open paint can and a half dipped paint brush, the color featured on the can is called  Jojoba.

Jojoba is a warm green hue that promotes tranquility. We chose Jojoba as the March color of the month because it is a highly therapeutic color that helps create an environment of balance, stability, and harmony. Jojoba looks great when paired with other natural colors such as warm blues, whites, tans, and browns, various shades of grey, and even cooler shades of red.

There is a renewed interest in clean tones that represent health, cleanliness, and sustainability. Clean tones create security and can bring us peace of mind while we are spring cleaning home spaces. Jojoba looks amazing on everything from floors to furniture and can help add an air of freshness to your home as you transition from winter to spring.

Slight variations of yellow-green and green create depth and a smooth room-to-room transition.

The vertical view of a living room and a hallway, both home interior areas are well lit by the natural light coming in through a large window. The living room are is painted a light warm gray and the hallway is painted in a green color called Jojoba.
hallway Wall: Jojoba N390-3, fore wall: Toasty Gray N320-2

Jojoba adds a subtle pop of color to areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Earthy pastels like jojoba have a unique trait that helps to make areas feel refreshed, while also promoting a more relaxed atmosphere overall.

A dark red accent creates a focal point in a light green room.  When paired, color complements will enhance each other.

A modern farmhouse kitchen painted in a hazy green color called Jojoba, the focal point of this room is the kitchen island which is painted in a dark orange called Kalahari Sunset.
kitchen walls – Jojoba N390-3, hallway back wall – Modern Mocha N150-4, trim, door and ceiling  – Smoky White BWC-13, kitchen island – Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25

Subtle multi-color combinations can bring emphasis to an area, while keeping your eye moving.

A Modern Japanese style kitchen, the  back wall is painted in three colors, the color combination is very neutral and harmonious.
upper wall: Jojoba N390-3, lower wall: Barnwood Gray PPU24-07, trim: BLACK, cabinets: Smoky White BWC-13

Neighboring colors such as an aqua-blue and a light green have a natural relationship and are reminiscent of an early spring.

Stylish interior of living room with blue wood paneling and shelf. The upper wall is painted in a green color called Jojoba. Modern home decor.
upper wall: Jojoba N390-3, lower wall: Voyage PPU13-07

Unexpected combinations of hushed green, reddish brown , and black create a cozy and restful bedroom.

A casual bedroom painted in warm and relaxing color combination, the ceiling, trim and door is painted in an soft black called Broadway, the upper wall was painted  a mid-tone green and the lower wall features an orang-y brown called Modern Mocha.
upper walls: Jojoba N390-3, lower walls: Modern Mocha N150-4, trim & door : Broadway PPU18-20

A serene entry area gets a refreshing touch of color to highlight the door.

The main entry of an eclectic home, the door is painted in a mid-tone green called Jojoba.  The walls are painted in an off white called Smoky White which allows the green door to pop.
entry walls: Smoky White BWC-13  door:Jojoba N390-3, house body: Jojoba N390-3

Jojoba is a trendy color for everyone. Used for paint, décor or fashion, Jojoba provides endless benefits to anyone who uses it. To learn more about Jojoba, please visit

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