Peaches and Cream

Inspiration Board featuring four peach colored paint drops: Flamingo Feather, Burning Coals, Marshmallow Whip, Peach Sachet Images shown are the following: -Outside dining area with a table and chairs. Cushion on chairs are the paint color Flamingo. The wall behind the table is painted Marshmallow Whip.  -A peach colored bike with a large bouquet on the handle bars -A wood table painted in Peach Sachet with peach iced tea and cut peaches placed on it. -Three vases filled with green plants. Wall behind it is painted in Peach Sachet -A bedroom with peach and green accents. Walls are painted in Peach Sachet. -A nursery with accents in Burning Coals. Walls are painted in Marshmallow Whip with gold dots.
This is the time of year when the cold shivers from the past months are long forgotten. We feel the warmth of the sun soaking into our skin with just enough cool breeze to scare off the burning heat. It is a refreshing time of year. The flowers are in full bloom providing a backdrop for our outdoor gatherings as we celebrate new beginnings and recent accomplishments.

This Peaches and Cream color palette brings that feeling into your home or outdoor living space. You can’t go wrong with the freshness of Flamingo Feather M180-3, the warmth, and excitement of Burning Coals P200-5 and the cool comfort of both Marshmallow Whip M220-1 and Peach Sachet M200-1.
Colorfully yours,

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Comments (2)

  • Traci Castano says...

    Love this color palette!! So sweet and pretty!

  • Shari says...

    I love the way these “Colorfully Behr” pages display colors! I didn’t get a creativity gene so these displays really help! Your Color Expert Larayne is really talented and knows her stuff. I look forward to every posting for ideas! Thanks Behr!!!!

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