Color of the Month: Laurel Tree

A stylish contemporary living room setting, there is an upholstered chic sofa and an accent side table in gold metallic finish. The color on the wall is called Laurel Tree.

Color has significant influence on how we feel. It can evoke specific reactions in our mindset and mood, carrying into our daily activities and affecting our approach to life. Green is one of those familiar colors that naturally paints our world. It represents everything from tranquility to abundance in the form of green grass, healthy foods and the color of currency.

For the month of March and the beginning of spring we feature Laurel Tree. With its restorative, herbal vibe it speaks to both wellness and outdoor influences. The promise of new life along with versatile appeal make Laurel Tree a must have for any room refresh.

The top view of an open paint can, there is a half dipped brush leaning on top of the can.

On living room walls and molding Laurel Tree creates a relaxing atmosphere ideal for unwinding with a good book, catching up with friends or streaming your favorite show.

In the bedroom Laurel Tree imparts a restful mood that’s perfect for recharging and getting a good night’s sleep. It also feels uniquely inspiring and uplifting in the morning when sunlight shines in, making it a wonderful color to kick-off the day.

A contemporary interior of bedroom with a lot of natural light, comfy and stylish bed.  There is a green accent wall, the color is called Laurel Tree.
accent wall: Laurel Tree, side wall: Silver Ash

With the vital link that green has to health and wellness, Laurel Tree is ideal as a bathroom accent. It pairs perfectly with the element of water and establishes a space that feels peaceful and comfortable.  

A farmhouse style bathroom with shiplap wall and an accent wall painted in a mid-tone green color called Laurel Tree.
accent wall: Laurel Tree, paneling: Toasty Gray, trim: Whisper White 

Green is an excellent color to help with focus, making it a terrific wall color for office spaces. With its visual richness Laurel Tree evokes an air of success without pretense and provides a backdrop for inspiration, productivity, and accomplishment.

A casual office area carved in a living room setting, there is a modern desk and comfy chair, to complete the look, there are some casual desktop decorative elements. The wall color is a mid-tone green called Laurel Tree.
walls &trim: Laurel Tree  

A lush green is the perfect color for the room where family and friends like to gather – the kitchen. With its strong connections to freshness and good cooking, Laurel Tree is ripe for use in the kitchen. It is the perfect green to accompany a variety of tastes and flavors.  

A modern-casual kitchen with white cabinets.  The backsplash paint color called Laurel Tree.
walls: Laurel Tree, cabinets: Whisper White 

Weather allowing, who doesn’t love to dine outside? In our busy lives we may pass up that chance, but color can give the impression of another world. In this scene Laurel Tree evokes a sense of being in the garden. It elevates the appeal of a simple breakfast nook with its natural light and views beyond the window.

A farmhouse style breakfast nook with comfy bench and metal chair.  The walls are painted in a green color called Laurel Tree.
walls: Laurel Tree, trim: Smoky White BWC-13

Offering limitless decorative options, Laurel Tree is a color to be enjoyed in every season. To learn more about Laurel Tree, please visit

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