Color of the Month: Lingonberry Punch

The vertical angle of a dining room, this angle includes a sideboard or buffet, also known as a buffet table decorated with a lamp, books, and a serving tray full with bar items.  
The wall is painted in a red color called Lingonberry Punch.

With the year ending and chilly weather upon us, December is a month for settling into cozy surroundings. It’s a time for festive treats, meaningful gatherings with friends and family, and for experiencing joy in its many forms. Behr paint color Lingonberry Punch M150-6 calls to mind the warmth and cheer of the season, which is why we’ve selected it as the Color of the Month. 

The top view of an open paint can featuring a red color called Lingonberry Punch.

Lingonberry Punch makes a statement as an approachable red. It creates an inviting backdrop for light-colored furnishings and woodwork. Throw pillows add visual interest while a hint of nature comes through in greenery and potted plants.

A red wall in an elegant living room interior with a sofa and round table, the color used on the wall is called Lingonberry Punch.
wall color: Lingonberry Punch M150-6

A powder room offers another opportunity for the luscious look of Lingonberry Punch. A mirror framed in gold or silver looks great against Lingonberry Punch, as does a marble sink top.

An small and elegant powder room painted in red color called Lingonberry Punch. The hardware is made in a warm metallic color.
wall color: Lingonberry Punch M150-6

In a bedroom, Lingonberry Punch adds a sense of visual warmth with just a touch of intrigue. It’s the perfect wall color to highlight white and gray bedding, layering the looks of solids and patterns for a chic boutique hotel vibe.

A contemporary bedroom with black furniture and the red walls.  The bedding is white and light beige and gray neutral tones. The walls are painted in a red color called Lingonberry Punch.
wall color: Lingonberry Punch M150-6

Lingonberry Punch adds a drop of deliciousness when it comes to adding visual accents to a home. This berry-infused hue transforms a single piece of furniture such as a dresser into a statement piece.

A hallway with a red dresser, the paint color is called Lingonberry Punch. 
The dresser is decorated with red and orange vases and planters.
wall color: White Mocha ORW-11, dresser color: Lingonberry Punch M150-6

A bold accent on the front door adds personality and curb appeal. Lingonberry Punch can brighten an entire exterior view with its welcoming appeal. This color works well with white and light neutral siding as well as other natural building materials.

The exterior of a modern house, the house is painted in a light gray color.  The door is painted in a red color called Lingonberry Punch.
house body color: Lunar Surface N460-3, trim: White 52, door color: Lingonberry Punch M150-6

To learn more about Lingonberry Punch and explore the entire BEHR® Color Trends 2022 Palette visit or your local Home Depot store.

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  • Chanel says...

    Thanks for this post! I just chose this paint for a customized bedroom furniture set. I will post pictures to show how it turns out!

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Thank you for sharing Chanel!

      Happy Painting!

      Colorfully Yours,

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