Color of the Month: Mountain Olive

The image of an entryway with a green arched door. Walls and trim are a white color which provides contrast against the Olive Green door.
Wall & Trim: Whipped Cream, Door: Mountain Olive

The December Color of the Month, Mountain Olive, is a dark green with a warm undertone inspired by the variety of earth’s most bountiful color. This rich green helps create a calm and meditative setting, ideal for your home in wintertime. It evokes the tranquility of a forest landscape sprinkled with the first dusting of snow.

Mountain Olive’s depth can create a strong contrast with other elements in a room, coordinating with light flooring and neutral-colored furniture. Use it to add character to a space or highlight specific features on a wall, like artwork or a doorway.

The top view of an open paint can featuring a dark olive green color, Mountain Olive.

Dark olive green can create a cozy and warm atmosphere in a room. It tends to absorb light, so it can make a space feel more intimate and comforting, especially in areas like reading nooks, bedrooms, bathrooms, or dining rooms.

A built-in reading nook and walls all painted in a dark olive green.
Walls, Trim & Built-in Cabinet: Mountain Olive

Mountain Olive is a classic and timeless color that can work well in a variety of kitchen styles, from traditional to contemporary. This versatile hue can be paired with a wide range of other colors for a striking contrast.

A modern kitchen with all green cabinetry.  The hardware and seating stool are metallic gold ideal for winter aesthetic.
Walls & Trim: Silver Ash, Cabinets & Island: Mountain Olive

A moody green shade can exude sophistication and style in a contemporary dining space. Combining it with natural wood tone and metallic accents can elevate the overall look.

An editorial modern dining room with an accent wall painted in a deep green.
Accent Wall: Mountain Olive,  Fore wall & Trim : Even Better Beige

Mountain Olive’s earthy undertones can bring a natural element into a bedroom, specially in a room with that has large windows with views of nature, as it can help bridge the indoor and outdoor spaces.

A master bedroom painted in a cozy deep olive green color.  The bedding and décor are a neutral color.
Walls: Mountain Olive, Trim & Ceiling: Blank Canvas, Door: Cracked Pepper

You can choose to use Mountain Olive as the dominant color in a bathroom by painting all walls and trim. Alternatively, you can use it as an accent color by just opting to paint either the upper or lower walls in this rich green shade.

A bathroom detail image, the color on the wall is a deep, moody green called Mountain Olive.  The color of the mirror and hardware are a metallic gold.
Wall: Mountain Olive

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Note – Due to varying screen displays, the colors shown on this page cannot be represented in their true qualities. These should only be considered a guide. Please refer to color cards and 8 oz. sample containers for true color reference. Color samples allow to apply and test a small area on your wall to view light and ambient conditions that affect color at different times during the day. You can purchase a sample of Mountain Olive click here.

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