Denim Blues

Inspiration Board featuring three blue paint drops: Washed Denim, Optimum Blue, Privileged Elite.
Images shown are the following:
-A tight crop of kitchen with walls painted in Privileged Elite. Ceiling painted in Optimum Blue.
-An exterior entry painted in Washed Denim.
-A bowl of blueberries.
-A girl picking blueberries from a tree.
-A gray colored exterior home. The door is painted in Optimum Blue.
-A pile of stacked blue jeans.
- Exterior backyard patio with a lit fireplace and a comfy couch. The fireplace wall is painted in Privileged Blue.

The month of July brings to mind comfy jeans and hiking trails, fresh blueberries to top a sweet summer dessert, and a cozy fire for roasting s’mores. These are the comforts of summer we hold tight in our hearts. They trigger memories of moments past and new memories soon to be made. The summer months are busy, but we don’t mind. We have the blue skies surrounding us, providing the feeling of inner peace and calmness.

This Denim Blues palette provokes many of these same emotions and works nicely on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Washed Denim M530-4, used on this exterior, is a soothing and pleasant hue for coming home to after a fun adventurous day.

Try Optimum Blue M540-7 for your entry door. This is a welcoming hue that is perfect for greeting your guest. It entices a sense of excitement and adventure.

This kitchen displays a refreshing combination. Optimum Blue M540-7 used on the ceilings, and Privileged Elite MQ5-53 for the walls. This grouping provokes a comfortable yet energized feel which is perfect for meal prepping and baking with family members or a friend.

There is no better way to start your evening than with Privileged Elite MQ5-53. This relaxed hue, used on the fireplace, is the right fit for unwinding and reflecting back on your day.

Take in the comforts of blue hues this month. For more ways to use these Denim Blues check out Behr’s Color Studio where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advice and more!

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