Color of the Month: Painter’s White

by Diana Olvera

March is a month of transitions as cold weather changes to warm and back again. It’s also the month that shows signs of spring, with sprouting plants and sunnier skies. This season of spring cleaning offers a chance to start fresh again with a clean slate, whether that means in the house, the garage or even the flower beds. Behr color Painter’s White PPU18-08 is a serene, soft white that more cool, sometimes more warm depending on the light. 

Paint can with color Painter's White and dipped brush

In an entryway, Painter’s White offers a clean, airy look that’s both and refreshing. This soothing white shade is an excellent color for both walls and trim, especially in an area with dark floors. Paint the inside-facing portion of the entry door in a pale sky blue for a surprising yet visually interesting twist on typical interior color combinations.

Casual white home entry/foyer with a light blue door, dark brown hardwood floors and white and yellow rug
Feature Colors: Walls & Trim- Painter’s White PPU18-08 Door- Light Drizzle N480-1

Painter’s White is also a great color choice for making a space look larger, and for hiding obtrusive features such as a stairway. For instance, paint the walls, stair supports and banisters in Painter’s White, leaving just the treads or steps in a dark wood hue. For a slight color variation, paint the wood trim on the surrounding walls in a bright, pure white.

White hallway and staircase with wood bench and coat rack
Feature Colors: Wall- Painter’s White PPU18-08 Trim- ULTRA PURE WHITE ®

Give just about any home the look of an open floor plan by painting all the walls on the main floor in Painter’s White. Sticking with a minimal color scheme makes the space easy on the eyes as well. Light wood floors and wood furniture pair well with Painter’s White, as does a light gray sofa. Round out the space with a few potted plants to add a hint of nature and an even greater sense of peace to the space.

Room to room home space decorated in mid-century modern style
Feature Color: Walls & Trim-Painter’s White PPU18-08

Painter’s White is the perfect backdrop color for a room with lots of natural light, making the space feel even lighter and brighter. This space is ideal for a conversational furniture grouping, or for relaxing with a cup of tea with your favorite cozy blanket and a favorite read. Modern, contemporary furniture with clean lines looks incredible in this white room.

White stylish living room with built-in cabinets painted in a light blue color called Light Drizzle.
Feature Colors: Walls- Painter’s White PPU18-08
Bookshelves Insets and Fireplace Pop-out-Light Drizzle N480-1

White is also a welcome color in a contemporary kitchen outfitted primarily in neutrals. Painter’s White also works well in an open floor plan, covering the perimeter walls in a home where one area blends seamlessly into another. Add some character and energy to the kitchen area by painting wall cabinets in a sunny yellow hue, against a charcoal gray wall holding the cabinets in place. Keep the base cabinets white for a clean, somewhat minimalist look.

Kitchen and breakfast nook with yellow top cabinets and white lower cabinets
Feature Colors: Back Wall & Lower Cabinets Painter’s White PPU18-08
Foreground Side Wall – Battleship Gray N360-4 Upper Cabinets- Charismatic PPU6-14

Painter’s White also works well in a bedroom, even if the bedroom is in a converted attic space. For an airy, serene and completely stress-free space conducive to a good night’s sleep, opt for walls, bedding and even the floor in white. If all white seems a bit much, add one other color, such as a favorite shade of green, in the form of pillowcases or the sheets.

White danish stylish bedroom with white and green bedding
Feature Color: Wall & Trim- Painter’s White PPU18-08

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6 responses to “Color of the Month: Painter’s White”

  1. JW says:

    I live in a garden home and just painted the interior with Painters White. I love the color especially with contrasting stained trim. The color gave a fresh clean look. In the bedrooms, I have one accent wall in a different color

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      Hello JW, thank you for visiting our blog and sending us your paint story! Sounds beautiful!

      Colorfully Yours,

  2. Vicky bartz says:

    Can it be an outdoor color to go with off white brick and a brown roof?

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      Hello Vicky, thank you for visiting our blog!

      Yes you can get Painter’s White tinted in an exterior paint. It will also coordinate with off white brick and a brown roof.

      Colorfully Yours,

  3. EG says:

    I need recommendations for trim color on light pink house. I don’t want to use white. It is too boring. But, I feel like kelly green is too novel. Something that will pop, is classy, but not washed out or boring.

    • Deanna Torrez says:

      Hello there, thank you for visiting our blog!
      We recommend the following trim colors for your home.

      Dark Ash 770F-5, Secret Meadow S360-6, Ecological S380-6, NYPD N480-6 or English Channel PPU14-19.

      Colorfully Yours,

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