Color of the Month: Smokey Pink

A modern bathroom with geometric design painted in a pink paint color called Smokey Pink.
walls: Blank Canvas, color blocking design: Smokey Pink

This month brings us a time of celebrating and appreciating simple things like quiet moments and meaningful personal connections.  Pink is a gentle, timeless color associated with love, friendship, joy, kindness, and empathy. Our February color of the month, Smokey Pink , is a muted calming hue.  A perfect shade of pink to create warm, subtle, sophisticated spaces.

Smokey Pink can add depth and dimension to a small bathroom, a sleek and contemporary geometric shape or color blocking design creates a unique statement and a playful aesthetic.

The top view of an open paint can featuring a pink color called Smokey Pink.

Pink is a versatile hue that pairs well with a variety of other colors, room types and decorating styles. A pop of this uplifting hue peeking from a hallway or entry creates a mature yet fun and inviting space.  

A living room area and a hallway showcasing a pink color called Smokey Pink.  A light green console is placed on the foreground.
fore wall: Blank Canvas, trim: Whipped Cream, back wall: Smokey Pink

Smokey Pink is a color that evokes feelings of warmth and comfort making it a great choice for a kitchen, the heart of the home. When mixed with black accents it adds dramatic contrast and balance.

A Japandi style kitchen with beautiful yet simple cabinetry.  The color on the wall is pink and the open shelving is black.
walls: Smokey Pink, shelving trim & short backsplash: BLACK

In a bedroom, Smokey Pink can create a serene and peaceful environment that is perfect for sleeping and rest.

A large bedroom with a natural light wood canopy bed.  There is a garment rack with white and pink blouses.
walls: Smokey Pink

Light hues provide an effortless and delicate touch of color to a functional yet beautiful home office. Smokey Pink is the ideal tone for creating a calm and productive environment.

A home office / craft room that includes a work space with a white desk and a modern chair. A window with an outdoor vista and natural light coming into the room.  The room is painted with a pink paint color.
walls: Smokey Pink, trim & door: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

Pink is very adaptable and playful, perfect to add a touch of energy and to a child’s room. This warm and inviting hue can be used in a variety of ways to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A pink kids room, there are several pieces of furniture that are made of natural wood.  Neutral toned carpet and blankets complete the pink room.  The is a bay window overlooking the beach and ocean water.
walls: Smokey Pink, trim: Polar Bear

To learn more about Smokey Pink and the full BEHR® Color Trends 2023 Palette, visit

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