Color of the Month: Voyage

A modern living room close-up image featuring a black velvet chair.  A slick table and two ceramic vases.

June is a month of warm weather, well-suited for an abundance of outdoor time beneath soft summery skies. Voyage is a soothing, peaceful blue which calls to mind the idyllic sky and ocean view that sets the mood for the perfect June afternoon.

An open can overview with a halpf dipped paint blue, the featured blue color is called voyage.

Voyage and similar variations bring an uplifting, fresh-breeze feeling to any room and a pleasing color for many different décor styles.  It imparts a relaxed look in a mid-century modern living room paired with neutral furniture and accessories. 

A mid-century modern living room with a gray sofa and blue and beige decorative pillows. The color on the wall is Voyage.
wall: Voyage PPU13-07

A white staircase looks stunning against a Voyage blue backdrop. White baseboards, light wood flooring and an area rug with subtle pattern, create an almost ethereal atmosphere emulating sand and sky, or a climb leading up into the clouds. A wood table near the wall, topped with potted plants, further enhances the outdoor mood.

An entry area with an staircase, the color on the wall is a mid-tone blue called Voyage.  There is a rustic modern bench with two small potted plants.
wall: Voyage PPU13-07  trim: Polar Bear 75

Voyage is an excellent accent color on a ceiling. A soothing blue overhead creates an inviting atmosphere in a white dining room. Natural colors in art and furniture complete the look.

An eclectic boho dining room with white walls and blue ceiling. The blue color on the ceiling called Voyage.
ceiling: Voyage PPU13-07 wall: Smoky White BWC-13

With their tranquil nature, blues are an easy choice for bedroom walls. Voyage serves as a pleasant wall color that feels like a peaceful, schedule-free day. A unique white headboard makes an interesting focal point against this calm background color.

A beachy style bedroom featuring a blue wall, white window blinds. The white metal bed is dressed in white and variations of green tones on the bedding.
wall: Voyage PPU13-07  trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE®

For more color and design inspiration using Voyage and many other colors,  check out the

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  • ELEANOR F LAWSON says...

    Lovely color to paint a piece of furniture.

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Eleanor, thank you for visiting our blog! 🙂 we love this color!

      Colorfully Yours,

  • CC says...

    This is a beautiful blue. I’m considering it for my interior door on my tiny home.

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello CC, thank you for visiting our blog!

      This color would go beautifully in a tiny home!

      Happy Painting!

      Colorfully Yours,

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