A living room with the walls painted in Blueprint.
The 2019 Behr Color of the Year is Blueprint S470-5, a color lush with positivity and strength.
Blueprint quite obviously gets its name from the oversized architectural documents builders use to construct something new. To that end, our research shows the primary reason people change the color in a room is to create a new mood or feeling for that space. Blueprint lays the foundation for a new beginning—a reimagination of our lives and a representation of what we stand for.
Confidence. Positivity. Authenticity. It all springs forth from Blueprint.
An exterior home front entry with the door painted in Blueprint.
Selecting our Color of the Year each year requires a deep dive into culture—fashion, art, food, décor trends, music, film, and so on. This year, one color family outshined all others: blue. In fact, all ranges of blue have come into sharper focus, from refreshing misty blues to deep, shadowy indigo.
But we flatly could not turn our gaze away from the universal appeal of Blueprint—a mid-range blue, warmer than denim, softer than navy. It’s as evident in the movie poster for this year’s Best Picture as it is in the iconic fashions worn by British royalty.
A bedroom with the walls painted in Blueprint.
Blueprint gives us the space to explore, the confidence to push boundaries, and the imagination to embrace change.
For more information on our color of the year and the 2019 color trends palette see our article on
Colorfully yours,
Danny Evans

Featured Colors:
Image 1- Wall and Trim: Blueprint S470-5
Image 2- Doors: Blueprint S470-5, House body: Elephant Skin PPU18-16, Trim: Swiss Coffee 12
Image 3- Wall: Blueprint S470-5

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  • Connie says...

    What is the accent color (shutters) in the wider version of Image 2 please?
    Doors: Blueprint S470-5, House body: Elephant Skin PPU18-16, Trim: Swiss Coffee 12, Accent: ???

  • James says...

    would anyone happen to have any info on the blue carpet in front of the doors?

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello James, thank you for visiting our blog!

      Sorry we do not have information on the front door carpet.

      Colorfully Yours,

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