Soothing Greens

Inspiration board featuring four green paint drops: Chinese Jade, Simply Sage, Thai-Basil, Pastoral Images shown are the following: -A corner of a room with a large with wall and a window. The top wall is painted in Chinese Jade, bottom of wall is painted in Pastoral. The window is wet from the morning dew and outside it looks like a warm spring day. Small herb plants are placed on the window sill.  -A dinner plate, napkin and wine glass are set on an outdoor wood table. -A corner of a kitchen table set against a wall painted in Simply Sage. -A kitchen counter showing wooded spoon in a green bowl. -A dog wearing a green sweatshirt sitting on a bench outside. -A piece of a wall painted in Thai Basil. -A close shot of mint leaves.
Green is often associated with nature and is a relaxing and calming hue that also creates energy.  These soothing hues rejuvenate the soul, reminding you of warm spring days to come.
Chinese Jade PPU10-09, Simply Sage PPU10-16, Thai-Basil N400-05, and Pastoral PPU10-20 are natural choices for your kitchen and casual dining. These restful colors create a stress-free feel in your home.

For more ways to use green hues, check out Behr’s Color Studio where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advice, and more!

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