BEHR Announces 2023 Color of the Year: Blank Canvas

A stylish and inviting living room space painted in Blank Canvas.  Hues of brown, gray, and black accentuate this otherwise white living room, making it feel inviting.
walls: Blank Canvas

BEHR’s 2023 Color of the Year is a soft white hue with a warm undertone. Its versatility can create a cozy home space. Simple pleasures take on immense value with this light, balanced, and hopeful white.

No matter your creative skills, Blank Canvas lets you be the artist to create the vision of your dreams. As a creamy and engaging white that is not too warm or cool, it opens a limitless world of possibilities. We love how it renews a space with a sense of lightness and well-being.

The top view of an open paint can with wet paint and a half-dipped paint brush, the color featured is Blank Canvas.

When we need a touch of restorative self-care, we surround ourselves with clean, simple, and pleasing hues. What could be more sublime than walls painted in Blank Canvas? This color is anything but stark and uninspired, greeting you like an old friend who can boost your mood without saying a word. 

Entryways painted in Blank Canvas invite the light, bringing the sun’s radiance into your home and complementing natural warm wood tones.

A modern farmhouse home entry, the vertical planked walls in this open, sunny room were painted white to create an airy and welcoming ambiance.
walls & trim: Blank Canvas

Stark white cabinetry can be too harsh for the kitchen. That’s why we love the subtly honeyed tones of Blank Canvas nestled next to dark granite and a marbled cream backsplash.

A modern farmhouse kitchen featuring white cabinetry painted with a warm white.  The countertop is dark granite and the backsplash is cream marble. The everyday essential servinignware can be on display on two natural wood free standing shelves.
cabinets: Blank Canvas

This clean, welcoming hue with creamy warm undertones offers restorative qualities for the dreamiest sleep. Paired with a stunning herringbone feature wall and leafy foliage, it creates the ultimate serene oasis.

A stylish bedroom painted in a serene and balanced white.  The soft hues used throughout the space beautifully contrast the wooden wall feature.
walls & trim: Blank Canvas

In the bathroom, Blank Canvas brings cohesion and depth to small spaces, illuminating the room while softening dark-finished fixtures.

A bathroom will white walls, doors, and molding look stunning when paired with black industrial fixtures and rustic wood accents.
walls & trim: Blank Canvas

As an exterior color, Blank Canvas gives your home a sun-kissed glow that lingers long after the sun goes down.

A covered patio and  white brick wall make a great background for an outdoor dining area.  Blank Canvas is a light neutral color that provides any living or dining design with a sleek and clean look.
brick walls: Blank Canvas

When painted in this versatile hue, your home also bids you welcome and signals the calm and serenity found within.

An all-over white home front entry with and open door, the few but carefully selected decorative plants and simple lighting fixtures creates a sense of peace and grace. A great example of “less is more”.
vertical siding & trim: Blank Canvas

We find inspiration in color pairings with shaded beiges, tans, muted roses, and raspberry reds, but the coordinating colors don’t end there. Some other favorite Blank Canvas matches include baby blues, soft leafy greens, cornflower and teal blues, and even sandy apricot.

Whether it is renewal, simplicity or invigoration, Blank Canvas is suited for all painting occasions. It offers limitless ways to transform any vision into reality by bringing a stress-free ambiance into your home.

To learn more about how Blank Canvas can create openness, clarity, and optimism for the road ahead, visit Happy painting!

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