Colorful Doors

A house with a bright green painted front door.

Door: Bold Avocado M360-6

A front door is one of the most important architectural features of a house. Think of it as more than a focal point or a place to add curb appeal. It also enhances the facade of a house and acts as a welcome sign, directing visitors where to enter. The front door helps transition people from the outdoor world to an indoor space.

With so many functions, it is no wonder we get lots of questions on colors for doors. The color for a front door depends on several factors. Just like houses, doors come in all shapes, styles and sizes. Keep in mind that a front door color should work with the home exterior’s body and trim color.

a palette showing the 12 different door colors used in this article.

Some general rules of thumb:

A black door makes a bold and elegant statement.

A white colored house with a black painted door.

Door: Limousine Leather MQ5-5

Light houses are enhanced by darker colored doors.

A light beige colored house with a dark charcoal colored door.

Door: Binary Star N450-6

Dark colored homes will benefit from bright colored doors. The contrast for both makes them easier to see.

A housed painted in a dark charcoal color with a bright blue painted door.

Door: Rushing Stream P480-4

Hidden doorways, or those which might be shaded by a porch or a covered entry, can benefit from a brightly colored door.

Three different exterior covered entryways showing different colored front doors.

Door 1: Soft Boiled P270-6, Door 2: Top Tomato P180-7, Door 3: Bold Avocado M360-6

Traditional looks come with classic navy, burgundy and forest green.

Three different traditional style exterior entryways showing different colored doors.

Door 1: Inked M510-7, Door 2: Cinnabark PPU3-20, Door 3: Equilibrium T18-20

A yellow house looks approachable with a crisp white entrance.

A yellow painted house with a white front door.


A green house gets a punch of color with a chili pepper red door.

A green painted house with a red front door.

Door: Red Pepper PPU2-2

A gray house looks welcoming with an eye-catching yellow door.

A gray house with a yellow painted front door.

Door: Cellini Gold HDC-CL-18

Architectural style and regional location are a consideration for a door color as well. A modern farmhouse looks great with a glossy black or red door.  Does your home have Craftsman styling? An earthy green or dark blue entrance will enhance the natural materials on the outside of your home. A coastal home with a fun yellow or turquoise door is a pleasant reminder of waterfront landscapes.

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  • Patti Cox says...

    I have a juniper ash painted house trimmed in white. What color door would look good

    • Deanna Torrez says...

      Hello Patti, thank you for visiting our blog!
      Here are some recommendations for your door.
      Amber Brew MQ4-10, Kalahari Sunset MQ1-25, Dandelion Wish MQ4-12.

      Hope this helps!

      Colorfully Yours,


  • D Vine says...

    I have two Masonite fiberglass doors with glass&wrought iron insets. They were previously stained and need to be refinished I would really like a metallic finish in copoet/verdigris If I could find a capable artistic exterior painter which is not easy. Painters I have been speaking with want me to do the research as far as which product to use for metallic paint for these fiberglass doors which have to be sanded down. Any advice?

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