Colorful Expressions

A living room painted in a green color. The room is open to a hallway painted blue and showing an orange and white bookshelf at the end.
Bright colors bring energy, life and cheer into spaces. They are amongst my personal favorites when designing color palettes for rooms. To keep your vivid color placement from getting crazy, follow these steps to success. 
1.) Don’t be too serious, have fun.
Color is a way to express yourself and add personality to a space!  Don’t be afraid – it’s only paint and paint can be painted over.
2.) Try to use three accent colors max (not counting neutrals).
If you find more colors are needed, use tonal variations of the three accents.  Continue with accessories and furniture which will tie the room together.
3.) Use the same palette in other rooms in the house.
Keep your neutrals consistent to ground the accent colors.  Mix the proportions of your accent colors in different ways for each room.  The color consistency will create a natural, cohesive, flow, while the palette variations keep each room feeling unique.
4.)When you use your colors, use them in a triangular fashion.
Position your accents strategically to focus attention where you want it to go.  This will keep your eye moving throughout the room – keeping interest!
A color palette showing paint drops in various shades of blue, yellow, green, and orange.
Buzz-In P300-6; Bold Avocado M360-6; Japanese Koi P210-7; Mayan Treasure P490-7; High Dive P480-5; Yucatan P490-5
Deciding on the next color for your home DIY project is hard. If you’re looking for color and DIY advice, let our BEHR Color Clinic experts help. For more ideas and inspiration visit the Behr Color Studio at

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