Colorful Resolutions

New Year celebration decorations.
2015 has arrived, and I’m feeling optimistic.

One of the To Do’s on my new year’s list is throwing away old magazines. I am a guilty collector of periodicals, a habit inherited from my dad. Décor, cooking, DIY, travel, fashion, pop culture —  these slim volumes end up in scattered piles through out my home, office and even my car. Although the stories get dated and they create unsightly clutter, I have a hard time throwing magazines away. The glossy pages all hold some idea, recipe, tip or exotic locale that I don’t want to forget. My ritual has been to to tear out and file interesting or valuable information and recycle the rest. In six months or so I go through the files and throw away what isn’t relevant. If it is important enough to keep – I consider cooking the recipe, visiting the city or building the project. While not a perfect system, it gives me kind of a bucket list. I never run out of things to do.

So what is on your bucket list this year? If trying out a new color is one of them, stay tuned. There are lots of colorful adventures coming your way at Behr in 2015!

Colorfully yours,


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