Danish Delight

As we move into spring, we look to incorporate brighter, softer colors into our interior styling. Natural wood tones and minimal accessories pair nicely with this sweet palette of creamy white, soft pastel hues, deep blueberry, and warm golden brown.

Whipped Cream is the perfect backdrop for a relaxed space. The light color makes the area feel more open and larger. Keep the décor simple and let the fresh sweet dollop of creamy white bring a warm liveliness into the room. 

The deep hue of Blueberry Tart is both calming and dramatic. The dark, moody hue is perfect for a small area. The light wood cabinet and artistic pattern flooring complement the deep hue, keeping the bathroom both functional and elegant.

Bring energy into a simplistic hallway with a shade of greenish-yellow on your wall. Pistachio Shortbread is modern, and fresh, and works nicely with minimal styling.

Bring a welcoming warmth to a simplistic dining space with Fresh Croissant. Just a touch of the buttery golden-brown hue adds a delightful flavor to your home.

Strawberry Mousse is a delicate color that sets off a calming energy. The quiet pink hue is non-intrusive allowing you to focus on the day.

This bright pastel yellow, Banana Split is a nice accent for an all-white space. The warm white is cozy and restful while the pop of yellow brings a sunny feel to the room without being overwhelming.

For additional inspiration and color options for your home visit behr.com.

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Please note: All colors shown can be tinted in BEHR paint products at The Home Depot, please reference behr.com to view these colors digitally.

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