Dive into Deep Blue

There was a time when painting a household wall with a deep, dark color was considered intimidating and overbearing. But that time has passed, and now a dark wall color can be cozy, inviting and comfortably chic.
The secret to pulling off a comfortably chic look in your home is contrasting the deep wall color with décor that projects a light and airy vibe. This bedroom is a perfect example.

After painting the wall with a deep and sumptuous blue Indigo Ink HDC-CL-26A, we created contrast with a mix of bright, colorful accent items: a dusty pink comforter, a gray throw blanket, and metallic rose gold fixtures.

The multi-colored pillows, including one that closely matches Indigo Ink, and lightly hued wall art further contrast the dark blue wall, creating a multidimensional look that’s “wearable” all year long.
Colorfully Yours,
Jessica Manzo

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