DIY: Ombre Backdrop for Silhouette Picture

by Quinn Larson

Placing that perfect piece of art work for your walls can be that final brush stroke to your masterpiece, the cherry on top of your interior design. Finding that piece, with just the right color and style, can be challenging however. If you find yourself faced with this conundrum, consider taking matters into your own hand and painting it yourself.

I painted my very own ombre backdrop for this silhouette art piece to tie into the style and color accent of this room. To create this look you will need the following materials:

Painter’s tape

Paint brushes- 1 for each color

Paint roller

Bowl of water

Paint: 1 or more colors depending on the look you’d like.  I used Soft Focus T18-09 for my base color and Life is Good T18-05 for the accent color.

Step 1: Tape and paint base color

Measure your picture and tape off the area that the art piece will frame.  If you choose to, paint the base color.  Apply second coat after two hours if needed/desired.

Step 2: Apply accent color

Apply your accent color across the top of your taped area.

Step 3: Blend accent color into base color

Dip your brush lightly into the water and begin to blend the accent color down into the base color.

Step 4: Blend with base color

Dip your other brush into the base color and blend back up into accent color.  Blend two colors until happy with look. Allow to dry.

Step 5: Remove tape and hang art piece over painted area.

Colors Featured Walls: Wabi Sabi T18-10, Base color: Soft Focus T18-09, Accent color: Life is Good T18-05  

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