DIY Upcycled Tool Organizer




A bright yellow table-top tool organizer.
Storage does not have to look functional and lifeless, with a little creativity, color and charm you can turn your organizers into fun pieces of art.  Let’s get ready to create a unique DIY tool organizer by upcycling everyday items.  
To complete this project you will need the following materials:
Materials needed to create tool organizer.
3 Empty vegetable cans
Piece of wood board (6″x 15″)
Paint ( I used Buzz-In P300-6 and Carbon N520-7)
Paint tray
Paint roller
1″ screws
Screw driver
Power drill
Small brush
Step 1: Paint cans
Use a small paint roller to paint your wood board and the outside and inside (if desired) of the cans.
Painting board with bright yellow paint. Painting a can with bright yellow paint.
Can exterior:  Buzz-In P300-6, Can interior: Carbon N520-7
Step 2: Drill holes
With a power drill, make a hole on the top part of the cans.
Drilling a hole in the painted can.
Step 3: Mark and Drill Wood Board
Measure and mark the spots where you’d like to attach the cans to the wood board,  Drill a guide hole in each spot.
Drilling hole in the board.
Step 4: Attach cans to wood board
Align the two holes and attach cans to the wood board with your 1″ screws.
Aligning the holes in the board and the can.
Step 5: Paint details
Paint and retouch any final details with a small brush.
Painting black trim on the board.
Step 6: Organize your tools
Give the tools you love to create pretty projects some love. Organize everything together and they’ll be ready for your next DIY project.
A bright yellow table-top tool organizer.
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Colorfully yours,
Sha Khezri

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