DIY Valentine’s Gift Bags




Two burlap bags decorated with red stencil stamp, paper hearts, and hard heart-shaped candies.
Card? Check. Gifts for your special someone? Check. Gift bags? …
You could go out and buy generic Valentine’s Day bags, or you could take a little extra time to add a personal touch to your holiday. Here’s a quick and easy burlap gift bag project you can put together in no time flat.
Materials to decorate a Valentine's burlap gift bag. Material included: small foam paintbrushes, paper towels, stencils, paper hearts, twine string, small burlap gift bags and three different paint sample containers with pink colors.
What You’ll Need:
BEHR paint in pinks and reds (sample size or leftover gallon). We used Stolen Kiss MQ3-34, Noble Blush MQ4-4 and Torch Red MQ4-35
Small foam paintbrushes
Paper towels
Wooden or paper hearts
Twine or string
Small-to-medium burlap gift bags (you can find these at your local craft store)

1 Place paper towel inside burlap gift bag, while still allowing bag to stay flat.
2 Take stencil and place over burlap gift bag. Tape or hold down.
A frame showing how to place the stencil over burlap gift bag with a red paint color..
3 Dip foam brush in desired paint color and press repeatedly over stencil to fill in with paint. Set aside and let dry.
A frame showing painted paper hearts in three different pink-red tones.
4 Paint wooden or paper hearts desired colors. Set aside and let dry.
5 Once all pieces are dry, remove paper towel from burlap gift bag and tie wooden or paper hearts onto another bag with twine or string. Fill with presents or treats and enjoy!

The great thing about this project is that you can modify it for any occasion you’d like. I hope this inspires you to put a little DIY into all of your holiday celebrations!

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