Easy Wintry Pinecones




Glitter pinecones and lit gold string lights placed on a table.
Bring the magic of a mid-winters snowfall to your fireplace, or tabletop with this painted pinecone DIY project.
Pinecones- in desired shapes and sizes
Spray primer- we used KILZ Odorless.
Spray adhesive
Glitter- in color/s of choice (we used silver and gold)
Step 1: Gather pinecones
Gather your pinecones together and lay them out over your workspace.  Ready your can of spray primer by shaking it well.
Primer and pinecones.
Step 2:  Spray pinecones
Use your can of spray primer to paint pinecones white. Allow the paint to dry and reapply if necessary/desired.
Spraying primer on pinecone. Woman's hands spraying painting a pine cone with primer coat. Pinecone with primer on it.
Step 3: Apply adhesive
When your pinecones have dried, spray them lightly with spray adhesive.  Wait a few minutes for the glue to become tacky before applying glitter.
Spraying adhesive onto pinecone.
Step 4: Sprinkle glitter
When glue is tacky sprinkle pinecones with as little or as much glitter as desired.
Adding glitter to pinecone.
Step 5: Display pinecones
Place your pinecones amongst your holiday decor for a sparkly, wintry look.
Glitter pinecones and lit gold string lights placed on a table.
Colorfully yours,