FAQ: All That Glitters

Inspiration mood board featuring four paint squares: Mac n Cheese, Charismatic, English Custard, Solid Gold.
Images shown are the following:
- Accent wall painted in Mac n Cheese with a portrait of palm 
trees hanging on the wall. Below is a wooden bench with books and magazines. Coming in from the background is a staircase, bedroom and kitchen on the right. 
- Image of a golden foil for color inspiration.
- A bedroom with a bead board wall painted in Solid Gold. The bedding is a soft gray lavender and there is a small glass nightstand with a lamp. 
-Final image is blurred out glitter.

Beautiful gold tones create passion, courage and wisdom.

It is an eye-catching color when placed as an accent wall, in a foyer, or on the front door. Gold is a warm inviting color that is sure to be a conversation stater as family and friends gather around for the holidays. It will make a elegant color in the foyer and guests will feel right at home upon entering. Glitter up a bedroom with a gold accent wall to add warmth and pair it with gray or lavender furnishings to compliment any luxurious gold tone. Painting the front door in a pop of color create curb appeal. Let the next painting project dazzle and glitter!

Mac n Cheese M260-5 , Charismatic PPU6-14 , English Custard M290-5 , Solid Gold M280-6
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