Inspiration mood board featuring four paint squares: Mars Red, Dark Crimson, Morocco Red, Cherry Cola.
Images shown are the following:
- Accent interior door painted in Cherry Cola. To the left of the door is a coat hanger and a lantern with a candle. To the right of the door is a basket with fresh sunflowers and a large standing vase. To the middle of the door is a runway carpet. 
- Next image is living room painted in Mars Red showing a wooden table against the wall decorated with vases, books, photo frame and boxes. To the corner is a small single person sofa with a large plant behind it.  
- This is an inspirational image of blurred out lights in Dark Crimson. 
- This is a dining room image with the walls painted in Dark Crimson. There is a small circular white table, brown chairs, dinnerware on the table and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. 
- Final image is a close up photo of a fireplace mantle painted in Morocco Red, decorated with artwork. To the right of the fireplace are photo frames and a seating area.

Dusty and deep reds create a gracious, welcoming and elegant touch to any living space.

Dusty Reds like Mars Red can be used to paint an entire living space for a delicate  southwestern look.  Morocco Red is a generous harmony between dusty and deep making it a go to color for painting an accent wall in a room for added warmth. Dark Crimson is a deeper elegant red that can be used in a dining space to evoke a charming appeal . Accent your front door from the inside with Cherry Cola so it sets the perfect foreground for the outside world.
 Mars Red PPU2-11, Dark Crimson M140-7, Morocco Red PPU2-17 , Cherry Cola S130-7
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