Front Door Refresh

Two images showing a home, one with a blue door, one with a black door.

Left Door: Wave Top M450, Right Door: Black

Spring is a great time to think about outdoor refreshes. The snow has melted, and skies are bright with the sun. The weather is perfect for an exterior project. If you have a small budget and not a lot of time, updating the front door with a new color can make all the difference.

two images of a home with a nlue door. One is shoing all of the door, the other shows a closeup of the door, light and house numbers.

For this country cottage feel, we brighten the front door with the color Wave Top M450-3. The blue-green hue pops against the crisp white siding Polar Bear 75. The entry way is surrounded with potted relaxed and flowering shrubs. A monotone palette for the accessories softens the brightness of the door giving the colors a harmonious and balanced feel. The layered doormats and farmhouse light fixtures complete the look of this friendly and welcoming entryway.

A collage of images showing a home with a black door, pineapple knocker, farmhouse light and plants.

Using the same home, we revised the front door and porch surround in a traditional style. The new solid door color is a classic Black. This color interjects sophistication and elegance and when paired with crisp white, becomes timeless.  Adding accessories directly on the door provide character and a friendly story: The pineapple door knocker is a symbol of welcome. The mail slot, once called a letter box brings us back to when mail was first delivered to the homes.

Three front entries sitting side by side featuring an orange, gray and pink painted door.

Door 1: Maple Glaze PPU-3-16, Door 2: Weathered Moss N380-3, Door 3: Bubble Shell S160-3

The options are endless when it comes to a home’s front door. You can freshen it up with a new coat of paint; keep the existing color or try a new shade. When choosing a new color, keep in mind the current colors of your home and decide whether you want the door to stand out, or blend in. You want to ensure a cohesive color scheme. Also, don’t be afraid to replace the front door. If your interior entryway is dark, swap the door for one that has enough windows to bring in some of the natural light. Consider the current style of the home when choosing a replacement. Bring in potted plants and other decorative outdoor accessories to personalize the front entry. For more inspiration on Front Doors check out this article: Colorful Doors.

If you need help, Behr Color Tools can assist with finding the perfect color or visualizing your selection. Simple click on the link to get started.  ColorSmart by BEHR®  Paint Your Place® Visualizer

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