Winter Inspired Greens

A modern console and lamp place by a decorative wall painted in a mid-tone green color called Sage Brush.
wall: Sage Brush, baseboard: Polar Bear

Green tones are a winter color staple, variations of this hue ranging from light and mid-tone sage to rich and bold tones create a vivid sense of the changing season and a look that will outlast the festive period.

A side-by-side image featuring a white painted home entry with a deep olive green door and a kitchen with dark green cabinets.
entry walls: Polar Bear, door: Conifer Green, kitchen cabinetry: Vine Leaf

Deep green is the perfect hue to transition from autumn into winter and makes a timeless statement in a home entry door or kitchen cabinetry.

A side-by-side image of a casual bedroom painted in a light green tone called Brook Green and a bathroom with a soft black vanity.
walls: Brook Green, trim: Polar Bear, vanity: Cracked Pepper

Light cooler greens are great for introducing a feeling of wellbeing in bedrooms and bathrooms. Brook Green is a gentle green-gray that awakens memories of winter cool evenings.

A tight crop of a front porch area painted in a mid-tone green called sage brush, there is a wooden swing and a couple of cozy blankets and slippers.
wall: Sage Brush, trim: Polar Bear

Mid-tone warm greens feel grounded and make perfect color options for interior and exterior walls.

A graphic of a winter inspired palette.  The colors included are: Vine Leaf, Sage Brush, Polar Bear, Brook Green, Conifer Green and Cracked Pepper.
featured colors: Vine Leaf, Sage Brush,  Polar Bear, Brook Green, Conifer Green and Cracked Pepper

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