Gathered Goods

A kitchen with the walls painted in green.

The month of November is all about the gathering both in spirit and in the harvest. It is a time for gratitude, reflection, and celebration. As we prepare for the frosty months ahead, below are some colors that bring to mind feelings of warmth and togetherness.

A palette of colors in soft browns, oranges, reds and greens.

Chic Taupe the fashionable, balanced hue works nicely to keep you feeling cozy. Snuggle up with a good book and get a restful night’s sleep while surrounded by this comforting taupe.

a bedroom with the walls apinted i a soft brown hue.

Fennel Seed captures the essence of the fall season. This herbaceous and earthy green can be a refreshing choice in a kitchen. Pair with other autumn hues to complement the natural beauty of the season for a calm, renewed setting.

A kitchen with the walls painted in green.

The earthy hue of Roasted Squash recalls the bounty of fall harvests. Use it in your entryway to welcome guests with a sweet, warm nature. The deep, gold-brown color pairs beautifully with darker browns and creamy whites.

An entryway with a closet area and a bench.
Hallway. Entryway/Foyer

Embrace the sweetness of the season with Gingersnap. This soft amber represents autumn favorites like spiced pumpkin and cinnamon apples.

A kitchen nook with the walls painted in a soft orange hue.

For a warm and natural look, Red Potato is a russet-red hue. This color is earthy and engaging, adding depth and a touch of rustic charm to your home. Works nicely in larger areas keeping the shared spaces cozy and relaxed.

A living room with warm red painted walls.
Living Room

Chocolate Swirl evokes comfort and warmth. The deep rich brown looks nice in both the interior and exterior of a home. The color brings a relaxing feel to any room. On the exterior, its welcoming warmth invites guestsExplore Behr’s Autumn Color Palette | Colorfully BEHR to a homey atmosphere. Pair it with brighter earthy accents to balance the deep tone.

An exterior showing a seating area.

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  • Rose says...

    These are great hues! It looks like I finally found the perfect paint color for my bedroom! Thank you for the inspiration! I better get to work!!

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