Gentle Pink

Inspiration Board featuring three pink paint drops: Angelico, Noble Blush, Bubble Shell Images shown are the following: -A child’s room with a cozy tent with pillows and small bench. The wall is painted in Angelico. -A dog sitting in front of a wall painted in the color Noble Blush. -Mom and daughter sitting in a tent eating toast with jelly. -A kitchen with pink accessories and side wall painted in Noble Blush. -Pink macaroons. -Sitting area with a cozy pink chair, side table with red tulips in a vase and a hanging light. The wall painted in Bubble Shell. -A tight shot of a bedroom with bedding in different shades of pink.

The color pink is a gentle hue that is often connected with a youthful soul – playful, sweet, and charming. Angelico S180-1, Noble Blush MQ4-04, and our color of the month Bubble Shell S160-3 are all approachable trending pinks. When accompanied by grays, whites, and golden wood tones these pink hues brighten the mood and bring cheer into the home.

Angelico S180-1 adds the warmth in this playful child’s room and is a good backdrop for the fun characteristics of the space. The gray and blonde wood tones add to the warmth making this a harmony of playfulness.

Pink as an accent in a kitchen adds a dash of unexpected fun. The white crisp wall is a nice compliment to the pops of pink in the kitchen-ware. The wood countertop and window shade flatter the side wall painted in Noble Blush MQ4-04. The mood is fun and creative.

Bubble Shell S160-3 is a warm and inviting color that turns this unadorned sitting area into a soft and serene space. A seamless way for your teen to settle in while focusing on their homework or escaping with a favorite novel. Touches of copper and red tulips give the area a whimsical charm.  The gray rug grounds the space complimenting the softness of the wall.

For more ways to use pink hues, check out Behr’s Color Studio where you will find inspiration, color tools, design advice and more!

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