Color of the Month: After Rain

A vintage style bedroom, walls are painted in a pastel blue color called After Rain.  The bed frame is ornamental metal.

Blue is regarded as the color most closely associated with confidence, dependability and trust. It is also the color closely tied in nature to blue skies overhead or the shimmering waters of rivers, lakes and oceans. It is a color that comes in many forms and along with it a variety of moods. For the month of April showers that blossom May’s many flowers, we are featuring After Rain, a clear peaceful blue brimming with carefree blue-sky happiness.

This cool hue is often found in bedrooms and bathrooms because of its cool, calming properties. Walls painted After Rain in a bedroom creates a wonderful and soothing atmosphere in which to relax, sleep, and dream. In the morning when you awake, After Rain walls will help it seem like you’re starting the day on cloud nine.

An open paint can with a light blue color called After Rain, there is a half dipped paint brush on top of it.

Hazy pastels such as After Rain convey a calming effect in bath environments. Whether applied to bathroom walls or used as an accent, After Rain is a clear-day hue ideal for creating casual and relaxed settings.

A bathroom with a small vanity painted in a light blue color. The lower accent wall is tiled with a geometric black and white design.
Vanity: After Rain M520-2 Wall: Smoky White BWC-13, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE ®

Brighten the home-coming experience by painting a small console table in an entryway with April Rain. The light blue imparts just the right balance of calm and cheer to greet you after a long or busy day.

An all white hallway with a small blue console table.  There is a simple round mirror and decor items on top of the table.
Wall: Painter’s White PPU18-08 Table: After Rain M520-2

In a more neutral space where the walls are white or beige, After Rain is a refreshing accent. Apply it to highlight architectural features: A fireplace mantle, crown molding, wainscoting, baseboards, and other decorative trim.

A white wall with a fireplace mantle painted in a light blue color called, After Rain. Abstract wall art completes the look.
Wall: Painter’s White PPU18-08, Mantle: After Rain M520-2

April Rain is equally well-suited to add a touch of cool sky-blue style to the exterior of your home. Painting your front door, shutters, and outdoor furnishings this distinctive color helps create a look that feels like a touch of heaven on earth.

A patio lounge area with a blue wooden swing. The is a small size white and brown dog laying on the swing.  The outdoor area features a spring green garden.
Pergola: Whisper White HDC-MD-08, Swing: After Rain M520-2
A beach cottage painted in a light blue color, the trim is white and there is an Adirondack chair on the front porch.
House Body: Etched Glass MQ3-27, Trim: ULTRA PURE WHITE ® Shutters: After Rain M520-2

The sky is only the beginning of the limitless comforts offered by our light blue April Rain. To learn more about this color and more, please visit

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