Gold Leafed Ornaments




Ornaments displayed on a decorative window frame.
The details matter! Customize ornaments to any color, adding an elegant metallic accent to your holiday décor.
Clear glass ornaments
Paint – we used Hot and Spicy T17-18
Gold/Silver leaf
Spray adhesive
Spray sealer
Window frame (optional)
Glue gun
Step 1: Remove hangers from glass ornaments
Clear ornament
Step 2: Create and insert funnel
Cut a scrap piece of paper or magazine into a square.  Hold one corner and wrap around your finger to create a cone-shaped funnel. Insert the funnel into the open end of ornament.
Cutting paper paper funnel place in hole of ornament
Step 3: Pour paint into the funnel
Carefully pour a small amount of paint into the funnel.  Allow the paint to drip into the ornament.
Woman's hands holding a small paint sample and filling ornament with red paint. Filling ornament with paint.
Step 4: Swirl color in ornament
Remove the funnel and gently swirl paint around to cover inside of the ornament.
Swirling paint around inside the ornament. Swirling paint around inside the ornament.
Step 5: Empty excess paint
When the inside of the ornament has been completely covered, empty the excess paint back into the sample pot.
Pouring out excess paint from the ornament.
Step 6: Allow to dry
Place the ornaments, open side down, in their package to dry.  If you need to apply a second coat, do so after the first coat has completely dried.
ornaments placed upside down to dry
Step 7: Apply spray adhesive
Spray the bottom of the ornaments lightly with spray adhesive.  Allow the glue to dry until tacky before adding the gold leaf.
spraying adhesive onto ornament
Step 8: Apply gold/silver leaf
When the adhesive has dried slightly and is tacky, apply metallic leaf and tap in place with a dry brush.
golf leaf foil and red painted ornament wrapping gold leaf foil onto the ornament using a paint brush to push the edges of the gold leaf foil down onto the ornament
Step 9: Apply sealer
When content with the metallic look of your ornaments, brush off any loose leaf pieces and spray in place with a sealer. Allow to dry.
spraying sealer to the ornament
Step 10: Insert hanger and decorate
adding the cover to the ornament
ornaments on table with silver garnishing
Step 11: Display ornaments in a frame (optional).
Thread ornaments with string and hot glue to the back of an old window frame. When the glue is cool, cut off excess string and display.
String added to ornament and being hot-glued to a window frame. cutting excess string
Mantel decorated with ornaments and candles.
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